Recommended Reading

If you are actually searching for good material on summoning a succubus, you will find that there is virtually nothing available on the open market. You may find links to a PDF book on how to summon a succubus in 7 steps or an amazon E-Book, but trust me, your better off investing your money elsewhere.

When you break it down there are only a handfull of books which deal with the subject matter at hand.

First and foremost a book I can truly recommend is:

Sexual Alchemy from Donald Tyson

You can buy it on Amazon (, but be warned the price can exceed 100$). This book is worth every cent, since it really works. Some of the practical examples are really good and have helped me in the past. The book has a somewhat biased relegious tone to it. However the parts which go against your religon can easily be changed.

A word of warning though. This book is NOT intended for beginners. Some of the rituals in this book are very intense, and if performed haf-assed or with the wrong intend may result in having a pissed off spirit in your life.

Another Book I recommend and should be read from cover to cover is:

The Complete Book of Demonolatry from S. Connolly

This book talks about a lot of topics concerning demons and spirits. Parts that I an recommend (and that I will eloborate in a later post) are the procedures on how to call spirits and demons without forcing your will onto them. The book also covers many aspects of sigils (which I will also get into later). This book will give you a solid REALISTIC foundation and will cleanse you of all the crap that is available currently. Highly recommended. You can also purchase this Book from Amazon.


10 Responses to “Recommended Reading”

  1. Hey, this is great stuff man. I ALMOST signed up for that site today, but thankfully I found your blog in the comments of some other post first.

  2. No Problem, a Lot of People fall for that scam. I just find in sad that Some People use their Hard earned Money to Buy such garbage. And yes a Friend of Mine send me a copy of erik’s succusummon PDF book, needless to say its Not worth the money

  3. Thanks so much for your posts! I really enjoy them. However, I read some scary stuff about Donald Tyson’s Sexual Alchemy book. If I follow instructions carefully I should be alright…right? I don’t want to be possessed or anything!

    • Donald Tysons Book is very good for point of reference. However it can be very dangerous for the novice. I recommend reading it and take from it what you need.

  4. Would please be able to link us to or upload the succusummon PDF book?

    • Sorry, the succusommon is under Copyright by Erik and I will NOT post links. However I can say that “Google is your friend”

  5. haha. Can you tell me the exact name of the PDF so Google can be a little more friendlier? 😉 Thanks so much man.

    • It’s called SuccuSummon I think. I have read it, and I found it underwhelming. The recommended “ritual” is basically “lay in bed and imagine that there is a hot chick molesting you, and eventually it will become real.”

  6. fsda would be correct, pretty much using image techniques until you sell yourself so to speak, I did not find the summon section helpful.

    I personally beieve that succubi cannot (or at least should not) be called by coersion. They will come to those that appeal to them for their own reasons, just like a human woman. Just like dating a human, you cannot force anything, you must wait for the other party to agree to whatever relationship you forge. Whatever relationship you establish is a living document, it will change as your relationship goes on. You will likely fuck up at some point, break the agreement, and have a spat, just as you would with a human. So far I have been forgiven for my transgressions but I consider myself fortunate indeed for that.

    Succubi are beautiful beings and they both deserve and expect the best from you. If you are not willing to make the commitment to improve yourself then do not contact them. If you want a quick sex fix, do not contact them (you might get lucky, you might get taught a painful lesson instead) If you do not want to undergo a large amount of spiritual growth (which is painful as all hell) do not contact them. Bottom line, if you want your lucid dream lover, then, just like a human, you’re gonna have to earn her and you’re gonna have to keep up with her, first contact is only the beginning.

    I have been with Juliet for the better part of a year now and it has been work, a lot of work, but it is worth every last iota. You will face doubt, you will face unsympathetic family and friends if you speak about your experiences, you will undergo a fairly large amount of spiritual growth over a short period of time (at least I did) and you will question literally everything at one point or another. Getting involved with someone on the other side is a commitment, as serious as marriage if not more so (you might not part after death after all, lord knows I do not want to do that) so think good and hard about if that is truly what you want.

    TL;DR: You cannot force a succubus to do anything (they can be worse than cats in this regard) you must wait for one to come to you and you must be willing to accept her (or his if you desire an incubus instead) conditions for being together. If anything you are asking for something beyond what normal humans have so you must measure up accordingly.

    blessings to all,

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