Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 1 – Relax & Clear your mind

Today I will start with the guide. Its important that before you actually begin to call a succubus that you at least have siome measure of putting yourself in a trance. Why you may ask? Simple – Your mind in its normal state will block out anything that is even remotely supernatural. This is way you need to learn to relax and empty your mind of any thoughts. I know this may sound simple, but thrust me it takes practice. So lets get started:

1. ) Find a place where you can retreat. A place where it is quiet and where you will not be distracted by outside influence. Make sure you are wearing loose fitting and comfortable cloth. I also recommond you take a shower first.

2.) Sit down in a comfortable position. I do not recommend laying down in the beginning since its to easy to actually fall asleep

3.) Either do this at night or dim down the lights of the room.

4.) Do help yourself focus light a candle and place it infront of you (Any color)

5.) Try finiding a relaxing breathing rythum. Take full and deep breaths, but not to the point where it becomes cumbersome.

6.) Take a look at flame of the candle and then close your eyes and try to keep the image of the burning flame in your mind. Imagine it burning and let all other thoughts go. The only sound you will hear is the sound of your breath.

7.) Imagine your body getting heavy. Start with your toes and slowly move upwards. Take your time. Feel as if invisible roots are locking your body into place. In the end only your neck and head remain free.

8.) Any stray tought that comes into your mind should be blanked out.

The more you practice the above exerciese the better it will be for you to prepare your body to feel vibrations emmitting from supernatural beings.

The Goal should be to not be able to move your body. Your mind should be completely empty. However your perception of your surrounding will be peaked. You will be able to pick up the slightest sound and see the slightest flicker in the shadows since all other distractions have been blanked out.

Try to perform this exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. You will find the more you practice the faster it will get to get into a state of trance.


12 Responses to “Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 1 – Relax & Clear your mind”

  1. I’ve been practicing getting into a trance state recently. Today, something odd happened. Just looking for your input. While I was just getting into what I believe to be the beginning of a trance state, I was snapped out of it by what sounded like something moving from one side of my head to the other. I figured at first it might have been just something moving outside of my window that just startled me but then I noticed, my shoelaces were untied. /shrug Thoughts?

  2. By the way, I’ve seen some of your other writings, I can assure you, I’m not “just seeking attention”. I have a strong family unit to derive all the attention I need from. I’m simply curious.

  3. And yeah do you think a succubus would get jealous if i’m in a relationship with a girl already?

  4. velkaster Says:

    Can I use earplugs/headphones(with no sound obv) in order to block sond from outside?

    Thanks for the information.

  5. Last night I had successfully managed to put myself into a trance. My limbs felt very heavy, head too… I was very tired but I concentrated on the image of a high school sweetheart who my possible Succubus partner had took form of in a dream… After getting my breathing under control and losing most feeling in my body… I fell. Sure my heart quickened but I managed to quench what fear I felt. But then I felt it… I felt it. Words simply cannot describe what I felt. Now… I’ve never been electrocuted but that’s one way to describe it 😉 PLEASANT waves of electricity (energy) just went all about on my body.. Now let me tell you a about my self… I consider my self an asexual of sorts.. Sure I masturbate but seemingly can never get aroused without watching porn or reading erotic stories… Last night. I did get aroused! I felt similar energy on my penis but it felt more of a touch than a shock.. It was pleasurable. I felt my testicles being pulled up alongside my penis and I had the beginnings of an erection.. I “woke” up not long after that. Tired, out of breath but amazed. I yearned more of her touch. I repeated it twice in the same night. The second time I was very tired when I awoke (second time was not a powerful as the first) I felt VERY happy and well.. Love. A feeling which I had not felt for a while. I’m not going to reveal her name in case it is correct or she isn’t comfortable with it.. I have not managed to communicate with her or see her but I believe that will take a while to master. Going into a trance is MUCH easier one you’ve done it once. I suggest you do it while you’re tired. Much quicker. Although with practice I’m gonna guess you can do it pretty much anytime. I will open my “Chakras” soon. Hopefully it will improve my chances of being able to communicate with her. Thanks for reading (Feeling happy and love right now ^_^)

    • Hi guys… Update here.. went into a trance.. She definetly was present tonight.. She got more comfortable and used to me it seems… Sensations in my penis were MUCH stronger and pleasant. Also after I had somehow dropped to sleep after what felt like hours of pleasure… I had a wet dream 😉 They ARE real, they deserve respect and love, I cannot yet talk to her or see her but I understand that this may be her first time on Earth and I might even be the first human she’s ever seen. Two nights ago the sensations where weaker.. Perhaps she was afraid? One last thing… Last night while my eyes where closed I MAY have glimpsed her face in true form.. Although I will not describe it.. I believe my brain just picked it up from a scary forum avatar 😉 I will update if anything else happens..

  6. Hi. Geopelia here again.. Update 3, day 3.. Well I tried to lucid dream… It worked… To an point… The first dream consisted of about 10+ succubi all looking at me.. Wasn’t attracted to any. I believe it was a test. Woke up after what felt like minutes.. Beginnings of an erection. i was very tired but had difficulty getting into the lucid state. I think I may have drifted off to SLEEP! I had a strange series of dreams taking part in different locations. More tests? Reading my memory? Gandalf the Wizard (from Lord Of The Rings) took part in one of my “dreams”, Me, him and some RANDOM guy were holding onto a piece of pier wooden wreckage while being dragged to the nearest bus stop. Yeah… Hilarious 😉
    This morning I woke up… Felt disappointing. The sensations were VERY weak overall. This morning did not help either. I “misplaced” my pentagram. I believe she took it/hid it. It holds sentimental value. A LOT. I lost it big time. Angry at her now. Feel like shit. Gonna write her a poem.. Try to make up with her. I messed up big time. One part of me is angry at her but another is angry at myself. I could have misplaced it. I blamed her 😦 I’ll see if I live to update.

  7. Morning everyone, no contact with her transpired last night unfortunately. Must have drifted off to sleep… Masturbated in the morning for her then again I went to sleep. Now this is where the weird stuff began.. First dream: Gunning down people and the wounded people and when everyone was dead a creepy looking doll held a knife to my throat. It started to “eat” my brain (I know.. weird..) and then it apparently replaced my ears with wooden ears even though I can hear good. I think I then fell asleep.. Then I woke up and then fell asleep again.. Second dream: Looking at a TV set… Alien 5 The Resurrection was playing (I know the 4th is Resurrection.. This was a dream so weird stuff happens) Anyways there was a few generic people and Ripley in what seemed to be a cafe who spoke to each other. After this I was plunged into a “game” with Saints Row 4/ GTA IV graphics.. Looked very life like although a bit cartoony.. Anyhow; 3 guys were driving what seems like a bat mobile and they stopped in a car park. Two of them went up the stairs to the pier but one (me) met up with three good looking women.. Hmm.. These were from my 2nd dream.. Meaning THIS is my 3rd dream.. Amazing how much you remember when you “jog” your memory.. Anyhow it ended with me getting killed.. By a giant spider. Yeah… I know.


    In a forest getting chased by monsters (reminded me of Minecraft, then again I did dedicate a house to her :O I will check it after I write this.. Will be freaking out if it has been destroyed), Anyhow stumbled across a clearing and gazed upon 3 beautiful women all with decorated knives. They didn’t see me yet but I heard what one of them said… “We killed all the males in our family!” Don’t remember what happened next but then I found myself looking at a computer screen browsing you-tube channels.. I also seem to remember a pair of breasts.. I remember one of the women took off her bra… Possibly in the forest or near the beach pier by their car..

    Anyways I think my Succubus partner is still learning about me.. My desires (gunning people done in video games), My Fears (Dolls!?) and so on…

    Anyhow I would call my self obsessed right now.. Can’t wait till night to possibly interact with her via lucid dream. I know she’s with me though. I’m sure she accepted my apology.. I think she liked the poem I made her..

    For the record; I worship Father Enki and Mother Lillith.
    I consider myself a asexual with humans so demons/spirits are the only partners I would consider. Here is all I’ve done regarding Succubus “summoning”:

    I had began research, a few days of it regarding Mother Lillith and her daughters.. Apparently 100 of her children will die every day because she wanted equality in a relationship. Anyways a few weeks (With regular prayers to Father Enki & Mother Lillith) after that I was particularly lustful one night and I had proceeded to masturbate, I spoke to Lillith while approaching climax and I stated my needs to her and politely asked her to send one of her daughters, upon climax I offered her my “seed” and dropped off to sleep. Didn’t notice anything memorable… I think I done it when I was my late 18 but now I’m quarter way through 19 and only really began attempting to make contact with her now…

    Anyways it is very important to know what your soul is attracted to. If you’re one who appreciates the darkness, death and pretty much evil (like me hehe) then chances are your Succubus partner will share the same affiliation. However to all those who consider themselves to be of the darkness, I strongly recommend you build a TRUE bond with Enki (Aka Satan) as he rules most of the demons. He will protect only the true believers and he will know the “fakers” who “pray” for protection.

    Oh one last thing for today.. Apparently Succubi are Incubi and vice versa.. Apparently they can switch genders. My thoughts on this are: I think the female form is responsible for “collecting” the seed while the male form is responsible for making sure it gets to the right “place”. .Humans are at least curious about same gender sex at least once in their lives. Ryan2k any thoughts on the Incubi/Succubi gender switch theory?

    Sorry for the wall of text but hopefully people will see if your intent and lust is strong enough, if your faith is bold enough you can pretty much summon a Succubus without most of the rituals other people recommend. That way risk SHOULD be minimized. Good morning to you and I will update tomorrow when something happens. Four nights in a row with weird dreams/feelings? Science explain that 😛 Oh and shout out to my lady 😉 She knows who she is…
    (Do not reveal your lover’s name unless they are comfortable with it. Just a final piece of advice for today.)

    – Geopelia666

  8. Geopelia here, update 5, day 5.. I am such a fool… Just because she doesn’t touch your penis.. Doesn’t mean she’s not there 😉 I closed my eyes, kept my body still (with the aim to go into a trance)… I felt a circular moving itchiness in my left thigh.. After a while I moved and it stopped but then it started on my right arm 🙂 She was massaging me I think.. Anyways… Multiple wet dreams… Possibly more than 5… Yeah.. Then a 6th dream, she played a prank on me ¬¬ 😀 She uh.. Had me wake up and I found my laptop in a wet sink -_- It was covered in water and red jelly. Needless to say I panicked. Tried my best to clean it but it just kept getting more wet so I threw it down the stairs. I started to panic and I saw it had turned itself on and exploded pretty much. Motherboard was probably dead and I heard a sound which made my heart almost break in two… The hard-disk… Clicking. Basically means you’ve lost everything on it (Happened to me once before..). Anyways I woke up, remembered about my laptop and was pissed off and sad.. Five seconds later realization hit me. It was a dream! Ha! She played a good prank on me.. It’s obvious she has been learning about me while she kept me occupied with wet dreams 😉 I feel that was her little revenge for day 3’s anger at her.. Anyways, I can feel a slight tingling in my back right now.. It’s her 🙂
    I remember a image from one of the dreams.. It’s pretty much one of the only things I remember.. Didn’t see her face too well, pretty, possibly blue/green eyes and blond hair.. Was this flash a glimpse of her? 😉 Guess I’ll have to wait to find out. I hope you have the same luck as I have had. I remember talking to her in the night, told her I would not touch myself down “there” until 8:30 in the morning.. Multiple wet dreams.. Was she trying to test my loyalty? Either way.. I think I passed… Oh its 8:33–

    One last thing for today,

    Always treat them with respect. It’s their choice if they want to make love with you or not. If you’re looking to for a night of empty minded sex then just do the 1 night summon rituals. If you’re looking for a relationship remember this..


    These are the most important parts of my relationship so if you’re serious and committed, I’m sure you’re start making a bond with your lover too.

  9. Day 6, Update 6… Attempted to lucid dream last night.. I got so hyped up by the possibilities I found it IMPOSSIBLE TO fall asleep -_- Anyways I drifted off to a dream (non-lucid) which was basically a few of my fears.. Not a nightmare though.. I told her yesterday in the day, I hate kids and I dream about having to look after a baby :O She’s a bit naughty… Also, a plate fell off the sink yesterday. Human error or her… Unsure. I found my pentagram inside the sofa. Anyways had it close while I slept last night; perhaps the pentagram makes her weaker or less keen? I must lucid dream… I need answers from her.. Anyways will be attempting lucid dreaming tonight again. (I did not meditate yesterday.. Meditating before sleep could help form lucid dreams…)

    One last thing, came upon a interesting term… “Astral Temple”. Basically you visualize a temple in your mind (whatever shape, whatever materials, whatever furniture, so on…) and then you’ve got a great place to meet those you invite to it. (Such as demons who you’re working with in your magicka, incubus/succubus and much more..) I’ll making “blueprints” so to speak of my ideal Astral Temple.. Hopefully have it up by tonight so I can invite her 😀

    Good fortune to you all.

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