Spirit Alignments

Well I thought I would stay neutral in my blog, but its to difficult to dance around the pot without tackling these subjects first.

There is a famous saying called “All roads lead to rome” I would change that into “Many paths lead to Rome” or ” Many rituals lead to succuss”.

Let me start of by saying that it does not matter if your a christian, a spiritual Satanist an atheist or any shade of grey inbetween. The goal is always the same, its just a different starting position.

Spirits come in many forms and alignments, but I prefer to break them down into 3 catagories:


There is no evil or good. There is just morality and how far you are willing to take it. Some people like myself prefer Dark spirits, others will only interact with Spirits associated to certain religions. One can now argue that a Succubus is a demon in the service of Lucifer, or so the Bible will have you belief. As always there is always a grain of truth, but its covered in so much bullshit that once cannot take anything at face value.

If you wish to learn how to call a succubus think in terms of morality. Like I mentioned in another post, the term Succubus is used be me as a commen demeonor.

While I will not say that following certain religions have different benifits, I do believe that having a neutral approach to subject helps and most importantly will not close any doors.

One thing thats very important and should be considered by you is that calling a spirit is not a one way door. Make sure the spirit you are calling is on a similiar moral ground as yourself or else it might get uncomfortable.

To be more precise: A dedicated Christian SHOULD NOT call a Demon, this is very dangerous!!!

2 Responses to “Spirit Alignments”

  1. Hello Ryan, you’re doing a great job and thanks for all the info. I’ve been reading your posts and they answered mosts of my questions, but now when i read “A dedicated Christian SHOULD NOT call a Demon, this is very dangerous!!!” i got totally confused.
    I’m christian and i was decided to summon a succubus cuz somewhere in the others posts said i wont lost my soul cuz i’m not giving it away, now i would like to know what are succubus exactly? are they dark or light? where do they come?
    In one of your rituals, you call Lillith and as far as we know she’s a demon, so demons belong to hell, and the succubs being Lillith’s kids, they’re technically demons.
    These are noobs questions but please answer em. Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad english

    • Hello Markus,

      Look at it from this perspective. When you google about a succubus, you get all kinds of warnings, on how dangerous it is and that you will loose your soul. When you dig deeper you quickly find out that most (if not all) of this is produced by the church and its flocks. They want you to be scared….I ask why? Its the typical “If your not with us, then your against us” morale

      The reason I say that a devote christian should not summon a succubus is simple conflict of intrest. Admitting that Succubus are evil is the same as admitting that God is good. And that truly is a matter of perspective.

      I know exactly where they come from, and for a christian this might be hard to swallow. A Succubus does not really care if you are a christian or not, but it will get very upset if you try to force your religon on it.

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