Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 2 – Tools of the trade

What do you need when you want to summon  succubus? Nothing!!!


there are certain tools that will help you and should be used by beginners.

  • A Candle
  • Pen & Paper


NOTE: What I am writing here is PERSONAL PREFERENCE, I know that there are opinions on some of these items like there is sand on a shore. I am just giving you the info that works best for me!

1 Candle

Lets start of with the type of candle. I highly recommend a wax Candle, prefereably a wider one. No tealights please. Candles play a very important role in any ritual. For me do they not only give me focus, but they indicate when a spirit (or succubus) is near and wishes to communicate. NOTE: Not every flicker is a sign of a supernatural being. But when you start noticing patterns that are not random then you will know that your succubus is trying to communicate with you. In a later post I will post a video showing you some of the results.

Candle Color – against commen believe, the color of the candle only plays a small role. However if you know what you are calling will be a Dark Spirit then I recommend Black & Red candles, etc. Just make sure that the candles are not just colored with a white core.

2. Pen & Paper

In the beginning you will have very little to go on. It is almost certain that you will not a have 100% satisfactory event on your first try. However you will get hints and impressions. Its important to write these down. A name that keeps repeating in your head for instance.

I prefer working with Sigils and drawing them on paper and using them as a focus helps me establish contact quickly.

You can be very creative here. Example

Put the the pencil in your hand and rest your hand on the paper. Begin your ritual, go into a deep trance as outlined in my past exercise. Once you have no more feeling in your hand, ask the spirit that you wish to contact to guide your hand. But your will behind it and you will feel your hand move and start scribbling. Its important TO NOT concentrate on your hand, rather focus on the questions you want answered. A Question I can recommend to you without angering a succubus is – What is your sigil / Show me your sigil. Its not as direct as asking for a name. Do not look at the paper while you are drawing, focus on the question. Only after the ritual is done and you have dismissed your succubus can you look at your drawing. It will most likely be a couple of lines criss crossed. Congratualtions, you have just discovered the sigil of your succubus. With a sigil it will be much easier in calling her in the future, and most importantly, its the first step in finding out her true name.

And again. Intent…Intent…Intent

10 Responses to “Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 2 – Tools of the trade”

  1. Panait Ion Says:

    let’s say that i dont speak english.Can the ritual be made in another language?

  2. Panait Ion Says:

    ow,and if i use this metod,will i feel the spirit touching me?THIS is the most important thing for me.Not sex or others.Those will come later.

    • Its all for you to decide and control. If your intent is for the spirit to touch you then it will happen. Just remember the first sensations will different to you then an actual touch from an Human. Its more like a tingling sensation, but will grow in intensity as you progress.

  3. Is it possibble for a masquerading succubus to give u its true sigil and during the procces of summoning it use the sigil it gave u then it turns out to be a more worser spirit

    • Yes that can happen. Many such Succubi think we are gullable. Thats why its important to always try to decipher the sigil. If you ever receive a sigil, you can mail me and I can help in deciphering it for you

      • Are there any sites that you can recommend that have information on sigils or any readings that we can look up if we want to try to decipher it our selfs?

      • I recommend Sexual Alchemy von Donald Tyson. It has a good method for deciphering Sigils (albeit a bit biased by Religon)

  4. Hey Ryan, found your blog a few days ago and this has a lot of helpful information and i’m seriously thinking of doing this down the road (not now as i’m a complete newbie so…), but I did have a question. You mentioned in this section that asking for a succubus’s name might anger her and instead asking for her sigil would be more prudent, is this in regards to her true name or could you ask her if she has another name that one could call her by?

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