Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 3 – Formulating the ritual

As I mentioned in a earlier Post, I prefer to work without protective circles or other means of enslaving a spirit. Whats important to remember in this exercise is that planning is essential. DO NOT just call any spirit. Do your research. If its a succubus you wish to call then prepare in advance.

Its important that you remember this – You are always in control of the ritual as long as you follow a very simple 3 step guideline

1. Who are you intenting to call (introduction)

If you know the name of the Spirit / Demon you are calling, use it here. make sure to use the right words Never say things like, “I command you”, or “I hereby summon”. Like in real life courtesy is paramount. If you show respect then you will also receive it

2. What is the purpose of the sumoning (Agenda)

Once you have made your introduction, you must declare what your intention is. Some spirits, especially demons do not have a lot of patience, so its best to prepare in advance what you want to achieve with this ritual. You do not need to lay out all questions in advance, just give the whole ritual a purpose and work from there. For instance if you wish for a succubus, then the first step would be to call upon Lilith and make your intention clear that you wish to call one of her daughters. (Personal Tip: Try Agrat Baht Mahlat)

3. How will you dismiss the spirit (departure)

Just as important to calling a spirit its important to dismiss it once you are finished. Again courtesy is key.

Don’t be afraid to write down these questions and formulate an answer to each one. While a succubus is telepathic, its important at the beginning to speak out the words. When you say them make sure you mean it!

For Example


Lilith, Mother of Succubi, I ask of you to make yourself known to me in pleasent form* if it please you.


I wish to feel your presence and ask for the favour of one of your daughters.


I thank you Lilith for answering my call. I would now ask you to leave in peace. I would also ask all other spirits which were drawn to this ritual to be begone as well, please leave in peace

* I highly recommend you always add “make yourself know to me in pleasent form”, or else you might be in for a suprise!!

27 Responses to “Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 3 – Formulating the ritual”

  1. So, if I’m trying to summon Agrat Baht Mahlat, should I address her instead of Lilith? Also, I like to lay in bed and do like a half hour or so of meditation before I go to sleep. Is this an alright time to try summoning when I’m already in the mindset?>

    • hi Chris,

      If you are already somewha practiced in meditating then you can off course lay down and perform the ritual. Just for your information. Agrat Baht mahlart is not per say a Succubus, however she can help you obtain one, and she is MUCH MUCH easier to work with then Lilith.

  2. Exellent,

    Please continue! I’m one of those who’ve paid those sites… but still? Nothing….

    • Hello,

      I will continue, I am just “still” away on Business. I know how you feel. What Erik is doing is wrong. While there may be a grain of truth in his “lessons”, its not worth shelling out Money for it. Its actually funny. Since this site has gone online Eric seems to have started a another snaring campaign to keep his flock loyal.

      In the End you do not need to pay money to summon a succubus. Thats why I created this site. Be patient a few more days then I will continue

  3. Quietguy Says:

    Thanks so much i finally did it!

  4. Ryuuken Says:

    are you sure this will really work?
    I dont want to scammed or trolled

  5. Not for sure that i am pronoucing the name correct. Please contact me. Thanks

  6. Just asking your opinion on this. I didn’t do things correctly, that I’m sure of. All I did was speak the ritual outload a couple of times, didn’t feel anything happen, but then again I wasn’t expecting to as I wasn’t attempting to meditate or anything. However, when I went to bed later, I began to get a hightened pulse rate, some arousal. Not sure if what I did actually worked, or if I was just thinking about it before I went to bed and imagined it. Your thoughts?

    • I also felt a very real heat around my neck, when I touched my neck it felt very cold.

      • Well, I imagine you don’t check here very often. That’s cool. If I have any more to report I most certainly will, however.

      • Hello Chris,

        I do check here on a daily basis, I just do not have time to reply to every comment. I will catch up soon though.

  7. I totally understand and thank you for taking the time to respond. I wanted to say that I only went to sleep again last night (I too have a busy schedule). I was keeping myself open to see if anything would happen and it felt like there was a strange tapping on the bottom of my left foot. It wasn’t physical, it’s a little hard to describe. Almost like static electricity but without the pain. It happened consistently for around a half hour before I fell asleep.

  8. Nevermind, nothing to report since.

  9. I’m going to keep trying, I don’t want to do anything more forceful than the method I’m responding to. I don’t want to force anything.

  10. As I’ve stated on another thread, I have been lucky enough to have used Ryan’s advice successfully. I am currently in a loving relationship with a wonderful lady spirit (succubus).

    I wanted to add that the method I am posting under at the moment (for those who may still be having problems) is definitely a very positive way to contact these incredible beings. After all, positive feelings will generate positive results. I want to add that you do not need to ask Lilith or any other spirit for assistance. Personally I asked God for assistance and was given the opportunity to meet and be with my incredible lady spirit. From my experience with my lady spirit (and knowledge from others I know over the internet through their paramours) lady and gentleman spirits have their own parents just as we do and are not all children of Lilith and Samael as the legends would have you believe. Though in truth I do not know if their “species” could be traced back to them or not.

    Your lover can be anything you would like him or her to be (in your dreams). But always remember that they are real, intelligent “people” with their own feelings and desires. If you treat them as you would anyone you love, you are giving them what they desire: to be loved by YOU. If they came to you and let you know they are with you, there is a reason for that.

  11. Hello ryan i have a question first of thank you for you help with the sigil its been helpful
    But i want to ask if we have the succubus sigil
    Is it necessary to do step three specifically call upon lilith or mahlat. I want to know where
    Is a good place to go from here ive decided to meditate on her sigil and try to focus on her touch but do i really need to follow step three and call upon one of those two or can i freestyle it as i have been doing like this

    -focus clear mind
    – focus on sigil
    – ask for the succubus. Precence
    – focus until response ( its usually an erection and a tingly feeling at times)
    – talk to her say here you can touch me here
    – finishing that ask all other spirits to leave
    -ask if she wants to join me in bed ( up to her)
    – sometimes a response sometimes nothin

    Can i use this flow to get results or is their any thing you would change or suggest that i should try.

    P.s i got a valentines surprise visit from her i believe cause i know i wasn’t dreaming has that happen to you?

    • Hi Nel,

      its good to know that the Sigil helped.

      In regards to the flow: There is no no best practice here, but from what you write it sounds good. Its important to deepen the routine, but at the same time you should change parts. This is more for your sake then that of the succubus. For example focus on the flame, and ask her to manipulate it, or ask her to feel the wind on your skin. This will help you believe in the fact that she is here and this deepen the link you have with her

      Working with Agrat Bat Mahlat is always very rewarding, however you should only call her in the beginning stages, since she is easily called. You should however ask her to send one of her daughters to you instead.

      I think you have already learned the most important lesson of all. Its not about the ritual, so please forget about it. Its about Intent and Desire.

      In regards to surprises, ohh yes. I have had them too


  12. * I highly recommend you always add “make yourself know to me in pleasant form”, or else you might be in for a surprise!!

    So what happens if you don’t ask for a pleasant form?
    Im so intreagued

    • she will come to you in a form “that can” scare the living shit out of you

      • I see……but wouldn’t you like to know what they really look like? Their actual form…..a no nonsense delusion?

        And wouldn’t seeing them in such a form be a test of sorts? Or would fear ruin the ritual?

      • Hmm, perhaps I should rephrase my last response. It can be horrible, but does not need to be. I mean, look at it from a practical point of view. How could you cope with a manifestation in the real world. A appealing human women, or a deformed creature. Your mind can handle “normal”, you would not freak out and could hold your concentration. On the other hand a more natural form would invoke all sorts of primal instincts in you and can cause unpredictable results in the ritual.

        I have made this mistake TWICE by not stating that I would like her to appear in a pleasent form. Once I saw a creamy white featureless body and the other time a women with horrible scaring. The decision is yours to make.

  13. andrew Says:

    hello ryan, i am here to ask you about the three step ritual. would i have to be in a certain place like my bed or somewhere else,and how would i say the ritual out load or in my head? also if you could email this email account you could give me updates an or more advice. thank you for the advice above and i hope you always have a great day (and nights) right…

    • Hi,

      where you perform the ritual is not important. You could say it in your head, but it would not be that potent as saying it aloud. My email is Please note however that it takes time for me to answer all emails

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