Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 4 – The letter method


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I have received a lot of E-Mails asking if there was any quick way of summoning a succubus. Well the answer is YES, however I do not recommend it.

So today I would like to elaborate on a popular Website that  outlines a summoning ritual

Basically what Endure is trying to tell is correct, however he does not go into greater detail, resulting in most people performing the ritual the wrong way.

Before I begin I would like to REMIND everyone who tries this, that I do not recommend this method as it a very potent and direct way in calling a succubus. I always believe (from experience) that taking it slow is better. And if you have no experience with the supernatural you may be overwelmed and burn away any talent you have. There are many ways in summoning a succubus, so choose with caution!!

Ok so now that the warning is out of the way lets get started.

Materials you need: Candle (Any Color, any kind except tealights), Paper, Pen, Needle

Location: A place where you are alone and undisturbed, if you have children sleeping nearby then DO NOT DO THIS IN YOUR APPARTMENT!!!!!!

Time: Endure recommends 3am. I can concure to this. Its not about the veil thinning between realities. However I have noticed that if i go to bed say at 9pm and get up at 3am I am much more aware and keen to my surroundings, and find it easier to get into a trance state

Conducting the ritual: Make sure you are in a comfortable position (prefarbly sitting). Clear your mind and start formulating what you want in your mind.

You will start this letter by adressing Lillith. Now I will not eloborate on titles since it is a matter of belief. However you should always adress her with the highest ammount of respect. Never use words /sentances like:

I command you | Obey me | I order you | etc

Respect, respect, respect for example

Great Lillith, I seek your blessing, I ask a favour of you if it please you, etc

Right your thoughts to paper. This is NOT a essay so no need to watch out for grammer or spelling. Write what you are thinking. The first few sentances will be normal but try to let go and write what you really want from your heart. Do not think about it, just write. Repeat things you want as many times as you want. There is no set limit as how much you should write. Only when you feel that all your wishes have been expressed in full then its time to end the letter by once again adressing Lillith and thanking her for considering your request.

End the letter with the following sentance:

“All these words are my hearts desire, I mean them truthfully and swear to them in name and blood.”

Sign the paper in your full birth name and then prick your finger with the needle and let one drop of blood soak into the paper.

NOTE: I cannot stress enough how important it is to really want this to work. If you are doing this just for the sake of seeing what happens then DON’T. Intent is everything

After you have finished with your letter, lay it infront of the candle and begin to meditate. Take your time and concentrate on everything you wrote. Focus your desire on the letter. Once you feel you are ready then say the following

Lillith, please receive this offering. I give it truthfull and willingly.

Burn the paper without folding it. While it is burning say:

“May the light of this candle burn brightly and guide your daughter to me”.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you leave the candle burning for at least another 30 minutes. Relax yourself and clear your mind.

Things to expect: The effect can be (and mostly is) immediate. You will feel small gusts of cold air brush your cheeks. A tingling on your skin that feels as if your hairs have been gently touched. Depending on how sincere you where and your overall ability you might feel a tightness in your chest as if your breast is pinched. It is PARAMOUNT that you let this happen without breaking your meditation. You will feel arroused and your breathing will become faster.

At some stage your arrousal will become so strong that you will loose concentration. If that is the case then say the following

” I thank you daughter of Lillith for coming to me. I welcome you into my life and into my dreams and ask all other spirits, demons and  entities who have been attracted to my ritual to begone and leave in peace.”

Blow out the candle and then go to bed.

If you felt something during the ritual you will feel it starting up again. Relax, lay on your back and let it happen. How far you take it depends on how far you can relax. It will be different then being with a real women. You will not see her, nor will you feel her skin or body. She however can touch you and interact with you.

Do not push it. If you feel that you cannot experience more then just her touching you then accept it and anticipate your next encounter.

to be continued…

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  1. I kind of want to try this, but I have 2 issues.
    1. I think the smoke detectors in my apartment might go off if I burn a piece of paper.
    2. The blood thing is kind of…ick.

    • Well as with all things in life there is room for compromise. You could burn the paper outside of your appartment. In regards to the blood there is one supstitute you can use, and thats sperm. All you have to do is change the ritual to “All these words are my hearts desire, I mean them truthfully and swear to them in my name and seed.”

  2. First off, thank you for taking the time to construct such a well put together, and not to mention informative, guide and tips on how to do this, and even though I stumbled upon it completely on accident, I’ve found everything on here very interesting and I may even try it for myself.

    But there was something I wanted to ask you. I have been attempting Astral Projection for a few months now, and though I haven’t been able to do it successfully yet, I have had a few moments where I believe I came fairly close. However, on certain occasions as I was meditating with the intent to project, I would get this strong feeling about 30 minutes in, that I can only describe as some kind of arousal, I didn’t think about it much and assumed it may have just been some part of the process, but after looking over all that you’ve written here, is it possible a succubus may be the one doing it? I don’t think it’s me as it happens after I’ve done the stage of calming and clearing my mind of all thought.

    • Hello Mark,

      I have never tried astral projection so I cannot say for sure if this part of the process. However if this is something which is disturbing you then before you begin with your deep meditation speak it out that no spirits are welcome.

      As to if it is a succubus, well you know I use the term succubus in a broad meaning. There are many spirits and entity out there that communicate in what may seem to you as a sexual interaction. Although I have never tried Astral projection I do think it can be pretty dangerous if there is a unkonwn spirit nearby when doing so. So like I mentioned above; clearly state that no spirits or entitys are welcome in the process.


  3. 1Jessica1 Says:

    Hey 🙂
    I was wondering for women would we just sub to son or man?(I knw this is obvious question but want to make sure.) I’m really interested in trying this.

    • Yes, just substitute it with a incubus

      • 1Jessica1 Says:

        I also have 1 more issue………….I am adopted and only know the first half of what my first birthname was..not the last part of it…Should I find that out aand use that or can I use my name that I respond to? Thanks for responding!

      • In this case just use your first name. Just be honest about it and it will work just the same

  4. Mark, you should stick to astral projection. This succubus guide is absolutely amazing! However, it’s too complex a process for not being able to “truly” interact with a succubus. During astral projection however, anything is possible.

  5. Typo kinng Says:

    I tried this a few nights ago and hope dearly that it worked :p

      • Typo kinng Says:

        I can’t help but believe someones here with me it could be my mind but i sure hope it isn’t. 🙂 how can i talk to her? if i try to it seems like my mind is responding to me not someone else.

  6. can you help me do it.

  7. I hope… they won’t take my soul for a Succubus

  8. Arieajiol Says:


    I have two questions about this letter method. The first question is, you know the part when, after we are done writing the letter to Lilith, you instruct us to take a moment to meditate on the letter. What is the purpose for meditating on the letter? Does this give power or charge the letter or something? And the second question is, when we are finish with the letter, you told us to end the letter with the following sentence, which you said quote,

    “All these words are my hearts desire, I mean them truthfully and swear to them in name and blood.”

    Sign the paper in your full birth name and then prick your finger with the needle and let one drop of blood soak into the paper.”

    When we do this, like signing our name and offering some blood, are we giving away our soul to Lilith or making a pact with her?

    Thanks for your help.

    • to answer your first question:

      Simply spoken yes, it gives charge to the letter, by focusing on it, you give it intent

      your second question:

      An offering yes, but not binding. Your blood (or Semen) is a strong vessel of yourself, and much more powerfull then a simple signature.

      • Arieajiol Says:

        Greetings again,

        I apologize for bothering you again. What did you mean by this when you say quote,

        ” An offering yes, but not binding. Your blood (or Semen) is a strong vessel of yourself, and much more powerfull then a simple signature. ”

        So what you are saying is that I am giving away my soul to lilith or making a pact with her?

        Thanks for your help again.

      • Sorry, perhaps my last comment wasn’t clear. YOU ARE NOT giving your soul away. Blood and Semen are just stronger vessels then a signature

  9. Never fed sled Says:

    I tried this lastnight I felt alot of sensation all around me while in the trace after I burnt the note. I sat and stood still and meditated. After what seemed for house I began to feel pressure on my lap as if someone was sitting on it and my chest as if they were placing their hand there. This coninued for some time after I was finished meditating I went to sleep so relaxed I could feel their presence all around me and felt so calm what seemed like 12 hours of sleep was only 3, that moment i felt like I was drifting away. I feel back asleep ultimatly and woke up 3 hours later with an absence of this feeling Im not sure what happened but I hope it/she returns :D. If any thing else happens Ill keep you up to date.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up, its very insightful.

  10. What if I have no candle?
    Is a lamp ok anyway?

  11. Mason Taylor Says:

    HI There, I know that i’ll end up doing this no matter what, but im curious as to what you meant by “burn away any talent you have.” Do you mean if i’m a talented musician that can play guitar,piano, and can produce electronic dance music on a computer, I would suddenly lose those talents and not be able to do them?

    • With burning away talent I mean your supernatural talent. Its easy especially for beginners to overstep and get burned. Your talent is like a muscle. You need to train it for it to become more stronger. If you overreach you may tear the muscle and never be able to use it again

  12. When you say there are many ways to summon a succubus, are rituals the “heart” of the whole thing or is it intent/desire/willingness, or is it both?

    • In truth, its all about Intent. Some Rituals help by adding a certian focus, But in the end, if you really its what you really want that counts

  13. peter Says:

    To Ryan. Have you actually seen the succubus that comes to you? And what are the benefits of summoning one?

    • Yes I have seen my Succubus, but not at first. It took me about 6 months after initial contact. And then even its not the same as seeing an actual person.

  14. Marcus Says:

    ok i did this method once and putout the candle after a few minutes and remember i did it wrong but i still felt something and it happened again after i finished the ritual on my bed. so the next night i tried it again and felt it more clearly and remembered to leave the candle going for the entire 30 mins i felt the feeling that something was touching me and giving my muscles little shocks 4 times during the mediated and when i layed down on my bed and mediated and when i closed my eyes i could almost see a shape and when i opened them i could see the outline of her form but and i could feel voices in my head and see some images and felt some feelings that i never feel ever but i fell asleep and i think i saw her in my dream. then she never came back so i want to know if she is still with me and how can i know and test it out becuase i really wanna get to know her better and have her stay with me

    • Once you have established initial contact thenits pretty easy to call her back. Just meditate the following day with a candle and try to focus on as much as you can remember, the feeling, her form, etc. Talk to her like you would talk to a person, never doubt that she is not there, it will take some time but your contact with her will get stronger.

      • Marcus Says:

        i did as you said without the candle i cleared my mind and i felt a tightness in my chest then what felt like there was weight like something was on my gut and i couldn’t really move like i was pinned down does this mean she trying to communicate with me?

      • Hello Marcus, thanks for letting me know. The tightness in your chest actually means that she is right there with you. You should try to focus on her to let her touch specific body parts such as your hands or feet. I cannot say that she is trying to communicate but you do have her full attention, thats for sure.

        You will find that the longer you continue your focus, the stronger the sensations will become.

  15. oky so i did this method again with a candle that usually has a strong, though unstable flame (i don’t know if the flickering was dueto anothe succubus i summoned or not). I know my summon was a success this time as i can feel her, but the candle i used changed. The next time i lit it, i produced a strong flame, but then started crackling and shooting sparks. the wick’s end was glowing orange, and the flame was substantially weaker; the candle was barely producing light, you couldn’t tell it was lit until you got really close to it. Then, it became extremely hard to light, like, lmost impossible. I had to use 5 matches, and the one that succeeded i had to hold to the candle for the entire life of the match (amost got burned, had to drop it in the candle). Today, the flame has mostly recovered, except its still not as strong as it was. You can however tell it is lit from a distance. I summoned a succubus before, but it wasn’t all that i wanted, so i summoned a new one. Do you think I hurt my old succubus? Maybe it didn’t want me to communicate with the new one? or is the new one angry? what are your thoughts on this?

    • A Candle is first and foremost a beacon. And yes if you had problems with lighting the candle on the second try to the point where it becomes obvious that something is hindering you it might be that some force does not want you to call another succubus or spirit. Be carefull not to anger these spirits, most of them have good intentions. Instead of trying to call another spirit you should first try to communicate with the one you called already.

      Remember you do not need to repeat this ritual daily. Once you have called a spirit to you, she will be with you, even after you finish the ritual, if you let it.

      • I think that you slightly misunderstood what I was saying. You see, i wasn’t trying to summon another succubus when the candle was affected. I was trying to communicate with the new succubusi had just summoned. You see, the last succubus I summoned was very distant and perhaps jealous of a girl that i have feelings for. It had been about a month since i had summoned her and she wasn’t really “there”. I felt abandoned and responsible for maybe not specifying clearly my intentions with the aforementioned human girl. I then decided to summon a new succubus and to be clearer on what I want in the letter. the morning AFTER I summoned a NEW succubus, I tried to use the candle to communicate with the NEW succubus and that is when the candle started acting funny. I hope that I do not seem rude in this reply. I am just trying to be clearer in what I write, in a twisted coincidence. I really hope this makes my situation clearer, as i really want your opinion. Oh, and also, the candle’s flame has fully recovered. Also, i’ve noticed that sometimes when trying to communicate with my new succubus, the flame jumps very high very quickly, curving in the middle and creating a black smoke at the apex, or tip, of the flame. Any thoughts on this? Is she angry with me perhaps?

  16. whoscameron Says:

    Hi Ryan.

    I finished reading all of your post and I have to say that it is very interesting and I wish to try a ritual (after preparing/exercising the steps for awhile) but I have a questions (go figures lol). Should you be a certain age to do said rituals or something, is it dangerous to do it young? And why didn’t you mention your succubus’s name in any of the posts or give a detailed description on what she looks like, unless its rude to do so or you don’t want to, and if that’s the case my deepest apologies. And one last thing… is your succubus still with?

    • There is no Age limitation, however I suggest waiting until you have reached 18 years of Age. I do not mention her Name because giving her name out is a free inventation for her to be taken away. As to what she looks like. Tall, long black hair, jet black eyes, skin as fair as milk.

      Yes she is with me and hopefully always will be

  17. Brendan Gillikin Says:

    Ok so i did this and i felt her there on top of me when i went tp bed. But i wanted to ask how can i conmunicate with her

  18. Joel Castillo Says:

    Is it possible to perform this WITHOUT a candle? or Is the candle a necessary object to perform the meditation per say?

    • Yes it is. You can use any other object as a point of focus

      • Joel Castillo Says:

        oh ok well just one more question you said not to do conduct this spell in your apartment and not to also do it while there are sleeping children nearby but exactly what is the reason for this?

      • This is from personal experience since I have kids. During a ritual I performed last year calling a demon my son woke up screaming, telling me he saw a monster (the demon actually). Children are very sensitive towards the supernatural. That is why I advice against conducting rituals near children which are sleeping.

  19. Joel Castillo Says:

    ah, ok i see what you mean and you may not want to answer this but…..what does the true-form of the succubus demon actually look like? i ask this as when i summon mine and it shows me it’s true form , i will be prepared for the ‘horror’ that awaits but seriously how bad could it be? O_o :l

  20. nerdy bman Says:

    Hey i was wondering how could i seperate my thoughts from hers and know when she is trying to talk to me

    • Its difficult at first, since you will allways doubt if its actually you or her speaking. The best way to filter out your own thoughts is to keep a clear and calm mind. Focus on the candle or another object. I know it sounds hard but its not.

  21. Mike Daniels Says:

    Hi Ryan my question is that I am 16 years old and I live in India and I am Hindu by religion I don’t believe in Hinduism but if I do this ritual will it be alright?

  22. I have to ask if this would be looked at as a succubus encounter…I would like to think so but I don’t have any knowledge to go by really…

    I have been reading this for some time, and this was primarily to establish whether I wanted this or not. Well last night, I came to conclude that this was something I really desired, not just wanted to do or try out.

    So last night I sat down cross legged, I put some ear buds on to block out some outside noises so I can focus a little better and just focused on relaxing and calming my mind, and in the process I feel my body getting heavier and so on, anyways, I had made a clear and respectable intend (so I believe) that I desired to encounter a succubus that would love me and want me and I would welcome her and love her back. I opened myself up by doing this, I didn’t speak, I just spoke with my thoughts.

    What happened next was strange but at the same time unexpected and intriguing. I had a window fan on for white noise and the sound of that faded slightly even with my ear buds on, everything sounded a lot quieter, my body felt numb and then the best way to describe this next part was a tingling sensation moved down on my loin, but this was very amplified. I mean it reacted very quickly and rose up faster than I even imagined. Now my heart was pounding rapidly at this point because I was nervous and just didn’t know what to expect, but I think that was sensed as the sensations slowly faded down as I was trying to relax myself. I had calmed myself down, and opened my eyes and decided to lay on my bed because sitting while doing this wasn’t comfortable, and now that I had an idea on what would happen I wasn’t as nervous either. So this time I was laying in bed and calmed my mind like I did before. The exact same thing happened just like when I was sitting down, but this time it went a little further and it felt very sexually intense, I was trying to establish that I would welcome the embrace in hopes that whatever had come to me didn’t leave, because I was curious now, I wanted to find out what had happened. Well these sensations went away but it still felt like the presence was there, these sensations came back another three times in the whole span of this encounter. But by the last time it was a little different because on top of the sensations it felt like I was spinning or my surrounding area was spinning? That’s the best thing I can say to describe it. I couldn’t tell if I had came or not throughout the whole thing. It felt like I had a few times but it was very sensitive to the touch when everything was done. I had started this whole thing at 11pm, I think and when I checked the clock it was 1-1:20am.

    I guess my main question would be what would you classify this as and are there and recommended ways to establish further communication?

    • Hello Xero,

      I think the best way to establish a stronger connection would be through Lucid Dreaming. I made a post about it today

  23. Is it weird for me? I do not want to do this but learn about it. I mean I am a person that likes to learn new things and hope to share it’s knowledge to people who want it. if you know what I mean.

    The reason why I went to this website is I am studying European mythology . For clearing information.

  24. James Banet Says:

    I tried to do the ritual but when i got to the signiture and blood part i pricked my finger but my skin is to hard and no blood came out 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  25. If one would do this ritual without the candle (as can be done like Ryan2k said to someone else) what would one do with the paper? Seeing as it needs to be burned right?
    Not really worried about the burning part myself as I can do that, sadly I cannot light a Candle in this room, would it be ok to burn the paper (if needed) with a simple lighter?

  26. I’ve stated in replies to other threads that I want to take things slowly and use meditation to achieve the goal of reaching a succubus rather than anything more forceful, such as this. However, out of curiosity, can the letter be addressed to Agrat bat Mahlat instead of Lilith? You claim she is much easier to deal with.

    • I’m almost completely certain I’ve had success with initial contact! I used the letter method a few days ago, I had to do it outside due to fire detectors. It was a little breezy and in the middle of burning the letter the candle went out several times, however, I was finally able to finish the ritual. I felt nothing for a couple of days and figured that because of the issues with the candle, that the ritual wasn’t completed correctly.

      However, last night, giving the situation no thought I went to bed. As I began to fall asleep I began getting muscle spasms. At first, located on my arms, so I thought nothing of it. A few minutes later it began in my pelvis area, very deep spasms causing my entire body to react. It didn’t happen more than a couple of times, but it isn’t something I’ve ever had happen to me before. There are some other clues that I’d rather not specify in polite company, but I honestly believe I’ve done it!

      • There’s only been incidents of increased heart rate since that night. Possible it was simply imagined I suppose. Oh well.

  27. Ryan,

    I just wanted to inform you that over the past week or so I’ve received enough evidence to convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have made contact. I don’t like using the term “succubus” as it has negative connotations associated with it, therefore I refer to her as a lady spirit, while having no illusions about her identity.

    I have ran the gamut from very physical touches to what feels like “water” dripping on me and even running down my leg. I am just contacting you again in thanks due to the information I’ve gotten from your site as well as others. Without resources like this, I don’t think it would have been possible for me to even attempt this relationship, let alone succeed in making contact.

    For the doubters out there: I am a very sane and stable individual. I have examined my experiences carefully. In retrospect, much of the stimuli that I received before I was convinced was in fact false impressions. When it comes to the experiences that have convinced me, however, believe me, there is absolutely NO mistaking when you have made contact. It’s the difference between feeling an overacting nerve and thinking “OMG, it’s her!” (when it isn’t) and having literally very real physical contact that runs across a portion of your body. It’s not simply physical fingers either, there is a charge to them creating a very pleasurable sensation along with the physical contact. It’s extremely gratifying once all the shadow of doubt has been dispelled.

  28. Everything is very open with a really clear
    description of the issues. It was truly informative.
    Your site is extremely helpful. Many thanks for sharing!

  29. WOW, I am blown away by all this information. I am male, 72 years,old, living in Republic Dominicana, wher sex is easily come by, very lovely young ladies, I have spent most of my life sat on my butt, driving all over the world, cosequently, long hours and lack of time for exersise have resulted in poor circulation below the waist, so feelings are not what they should be,.so possibly a relationship with a succubus, might be the answer. I would like to ask questions, but after reading all your comments, feel that you probably have enough to deal with allready, I would dearly love to know more, but if you feel unable to reply I will undestand. thank you.

  30. Ok Ryan, thanks for your reply, I have read most of the Dennis Whaeatly books, if you are not familiar withth them, he is not with us any more, You may have seen films based on his stories, I.E. the devil rides out,to the devil a daughter, the ka of Gifford hilary, and others, all fiction, but he used to get his information from a guy called Alistair Crowly, also passed on, I would think you would know of this man, he was a witch,warlock, his son apparantly still practices , the point I am trying to make is that allthough his works are fiction they are based on fact solid info from Mr Crowly, Wheatly allways warned never to try summoning, or calling any kind of spirit. my first info on succubi, or inccubi, was scary they as you know where purported to drain your energy, and take you life. not what I had in mind, so now I´m reading about several people who If true , have and still do have very good and lasting relationships with, these spirits, you say on several occasions, clear your mind !! not so easily done, theres allways something going on in mine, I have allways been interested, but never ever had any kind of , even the smallest contact, of any kind, which leads me to think, that you need to be a certain, kind of person or character, to get in touch. My father died when I was about 3 years old so I never knew him, I would have thought , that would warrant some thing, sorry to go on so, enough for now, I look forward to your comment´s. Thank you.

    • I am familiar with Alistair Crowly. Let me put it this way……..if you expect something bad to happen, then it will happen. If you go into a ritual thinking something bad will be summoned then chances are high that you will indeed attract a spirit that will feed of that fear.

      My advice is to CLEAR YOUR MIND. Yes I said many times before, buts its the only that helps. learn to meditate and blank out your thoughts before starting a ritual. There is no need to rush this.

      I believe that anyone who wants can call a succubus, its just a matter of Intent and Will.

      • Michael Lewis Says:

        Hey Ryan, thank you, that makes a lot of sense, I am much happier bout this now, and will do as you say,I read somewhere in the comments and questions, cant remember who said it, but a guy was having trouble, and someone told d him that it was because his name is Michael, and that is another name for Jesus, I have never heard of this, can you confirm?, thanks for your time , really appreciate this, thanks Mike Lewis.

      • Michael Lewis Says:

        Hello Ryan, last night I tried to perform this ritual,result, negative, not a thing, I think it may be to do with clearing my mind, how do you know when it is clear?, or I had had a drink but was nowhere near drunk, so not heavly intoxicated, quiestion, how does alchahol affect this ritual’ I kind of thought it would help! definatly helps me to relax, I think I wil wait awhile then try again, what ´s your advice,?

  31. Feeling very happy about this, looking forward to the ritual,going to put my heart into it,but as sugested not going to rush, well maybe just a little,Gracious, Ryan.

  32. Two attempts, and nothing, need help,

    • Hello, there is no 100% success rate. It works for some and and doesn’t for others. Do not force it.

      • Hello Ryan,

        I’m trying to summon a succubus with a “male appendage”.

        Do you have to burn the paper with a candle.

        Also I’m a Christian , so am I safe?

        Also could I type the letter instead of writing it?

        I would like her to be a “chick with dick”.Could I ask lillith for that?

      • A succubus is NOT bound by normal laws of the human anatomy. So yes you can call a succubus with a dick.

        As to being christian, well that a question only you can answer. Just ask yourself this… If God created a Succubus, then why is the church against it??? If you can deal with teh religoous fallout then go ahead

  33. I am not sure if you have addressed this yet:

    Do I need to give up human women before entering a quest for my succubus? I understand that they can be extremely jealous. Last thing I want to do is to piss off one. I enjoy my human partners and relationships, but I also want a very deep and meaningful connection with a spiritual partner that will also guide and protect me.

    • No you do not give up human women. But as you correctly pointed out they are jealous. You need to make it absolutely clear right from the start that there wll always be a human woman in your life, and that she may not interfere in your relationship

  34. abdulrhman Says:

    is it 100% working

  35. Dominic Says:


    A little question: Why is it so important that you DONT summon a succubus while your under age (11-12-13-14-15… etc.)

    Please reply =)

  36. i do believe this will work… for one a succubus comes to you while your in a paralyzed state, not while wake and in reality

  37. ryan i have a question , do i have to do at 3:00 am or can i change the time earlier . like 12:00 or something , is hard for me since i have class at 7:00 am so i have to wake up at 5:45

  38. I have a couple of questions for you Ryan.
    1. Is it possible for a Lesbian to summon a Succubus
    2. Is it dangerous if someone is slightly frightened?(because the idea kind of frightens me)
    3. Is there a way to break the connection with that succubus after some time? (as in summoning her for just a while and not having her come back again)
    4. I’m in a four year relationship with someone I DEEPLY care about, and you said to let her know that she cannot interfere with human women in my life, how does one do that exactly?
    5. When mentioning the letter you said I should tell her what my heart desires, can you be a little more specific about that? For example, should it be a detailed message of what I want her to be in my life or what?
    6. Is there a chance I can be harmed by her or that she may harm someone close to me?

    • Hello Lisa,

      1. Yes, a very good friend of mine managed to call a succubus as well (took some time tough)
      2. Its natural to be afraid. I would recommend to start slow and not to anythign related to summoning. Begin with meditation in a dark room. Get a feel for the void, the stillness. Your senses will go into overdrive. Once you feel comfortable, begin with the ritual. And even if you are scared, be firm in your intentions.
      3. There is no connection. Remember I am strongly against binding any spirit. You are calling the spirit to come to you on its own free will. If you feel that you do not wish to see this spirit, simply ask it to leave. Be honest about thsi up front and all wil be well
      4. Talk to the succubus like you would talk to any other person. Yes it is NOT human, but can understand what you mean. Make a picture in your mind, speak her name, and tell her to not disturb her. This has worked for me in the past. And I have family, so I know what I am talking about
      5. The more detailed the better. Remember that every word you write is your pure intent. As long as you are true to yourself and desires it does not matter if you write 100 pages or 1. Whats important is that you write down everything you feel, even if its very detailed
      6. Harm is relative. She can scare the living shit of you for sure if your not carefull. Just 2 days ago I nearly wet myself for not being carefull. Mind you, these spirits are not human and never were human. As to pyhsical harm, it can happen, but only if you call the wrong spirit.

  39. I’m writing again for another question. Is there a chance that other spirits and demons may not leave when asked by the end of the ritual? Is there actually a chance that Lilith doesn’t leave when you ask her to as well? And if you summon her and tell her to leave, can she return on her own or only when summoned? (I’m asking cause I’m very new to this)

      RULE 2: See rule 1

      Do not even contemplate calling Lilith. If you want to call an extremely powerfull entity then call Agat Baht Mahlat. As to a demon leaving when asked, it depends on how firm your intent is. A pretty please will usually not do. Do not forget that there is a hierachy amongst Succubi. Since you have asked Lilith to send you one of her daughters, the best way to get rid of an unwelcome guest is to use her in context

  40. I have a few questions about this subject before I decide to try it myself.

    1.)Can I perform this method without using a candle ?

    2.)Can this work even for a Christian?

    3.)Is it possible to summon an incubus and a succubus at the same time?

    4.)Is any part of this satanic?

    Thank you for your time.

  41. does using blood attract dark succubi and other kinds of darker entities that pose as succubi and incubi?

  42. Hello Ryan,

    I have tried this one despite the word said and I asked her her if she would contact me soon.

    An hour later I felt a light caress on my cheek. When I tried to touch her, the feeling disappeared.

    Could this be a sign?

    • The caress will feel like a gentle breeze of cool air on your skin. Yes this is a indication that you are on the right track. Now you do NOT need to repeat the ritual again. Instead try to spent at least 30 minutes every night meditating and concentrate on that sensation. Speak openly and ask her to come again and touch you. If you have never worked with spirits before the sensations will feel a bit strange, almost like a tingling sensation in certain body parts. Whats important here is to let it happen and not get to excited. The more you relax and give in, the more intense the feelings will get, thus bringing you two closer together

      • I have to admit, I didn’t need to write a letter of do most of the ritual.All I did was meditate and ask her.

        Can she do other things to make me aware of her presence?

      • This really depends on how “in tune” you are to her. A good way to start is to use a candle and ask her make herself known to you by influencing the flame.

      • i have some questions.
        1. how loud do i have to say the words, can it be at a whisper?
        2. after, or if it is successful and i have sent them away, you stated the succubus will still be with me when i lay down. when it gets too intense how do i politely send her away.
        3. do they have a set appearance or is it whatever you desire.
        4. is there a certain type of paper or colored pen that is preferred?

      • 1. They can be of any volume as long as you mean them
        2. Tell her “Daughter of Lilith, I am greatfull for your visit. I now ask you to go away and let me be until such time where I call upon you again”
        3. They have no set appearance, but most will try to look pleasing
        4. Anything can be used here

  43. alright I am a 14-year old boy(please don’t say not to) and I go hiking a lot and get plenty of scrapes and I was wondering if the blood had to be from the finger?

  44. I would like to know if you can use these methods that you say are for a succubus, if you can use the same methods for an incubus aswell?

    • Hi there,

      actually there is no real difference between a succubus and incubus. The Entity itself can be of both sexes. Its merely a matter of stating your wishes during the ritual.

  45. hello ive been trying to summon a succubus for the past few days im a newbie at the the super natrual but ive been doing my homework on lillith and succubus and i tryed the blood pact but nothing happen but i know that i cant rush it soo ive been trying to learn to be patient and i desided to not do it my house because i found a old shack i cleaned it and made a altar to lillitth with a white candel and a sigil of lillith and im about to do the blood pact again and try to make contact but i would like if the sucubus can follow me back home or will she be stuck in the shack and what if i have fear will she still come to my call becasue i cant help but be afraid especially since im going to have to do the ritual at 3 am in a creepy shack so i know i will be afraid but my desire is so strong i must i need her i lost my only true love to cancer so this is the only way for me to know love again i beg for help im lost

  46. […] ritual, originally drafted by Ryan of How to Summon a Succubus, focuses contact with lilim, daughters of Lilith. It involves the pricking of one’s finger […]

  47. Hey Ryan,

    first, sorry for my bad english I’m from germany ^^.
    I tried to summon a incubus..can he understand german? (I know it’s a weird question..)
    Can he speak german too?
    and while I was doing the ritual I’m feeling sometimes tingles on my skin, face, legs or light touches on my head.
    but not more ..
    is it still a sign that it worked? What are actually the signs where I can be sure : ” Ok, it really worked!,,
    If so, how can I know his name and how can I call him back.

    I would be very thankfully for an answer

    • Hallo Rii ngo,

      kein problem mit Deutsch, dass kann ich auch. Erstens, egal ob Incubus oder Succubus, die Kommunikation ist sprachunabhängig, also mach dir darüber keine Sorgen. Das “kitzeln” Gefühl ist auf jeden fall ein Zeichen das du auf dem richtigen Weg bist. Du darfst nicht zuviel beim ersten mal erwarten. Es gibt Leute die verspüren rein gar nichts beim ersten mal, also hast du insofern schon mal sehr viel Glück gehabt. Du musst einfach dran bleiben. Es ist nicht notwendig das Ritual zu wiederholen, sondern übe einfach weiter mit Meditieren und es sollte dannach klappen.

      Wegen “Hat es wirklich geklappt”. Das kann dauern. Der Punkt wo du nicht mehr daran zweifelst kann Monate oder sogar Jahre dauern. Bei mir war es auch ziemlich lang. Wie gesagt, es ist wichtig das du immer dran bleibst.



  48. Hallo Ryan,

    das ist perfekt das ich endlich bei so einem Thema mit jemanden auf deutsch sprechen/schreiben kann.
    Nochmal vielen dank für die Antwort, hat mir sehr geholfen ^^ !

    Kannst du mir vielleicht sagen wann man wirklich den Zeitpunkt merkt, das es viel intensiver und besser geworden ist?
    Wie zeigt er sich woran merkt man es, bzw warum zeigen die sich nicht direkt ? Als Zeichen das sie schon da sind.
    Und ‘Nachts’ um 3:30 Uhr habe ich meine Kerze beobachtet (ich mache das immer sehr gerne es entspannt mich) und habe dabei an meinen Incubus gedacht, die Flamme bewegte sich dann im Kreis ganz langsam und manchmal war es wieder ganz normal. Hatte das was zu bedeuten? Ist der Incubus immer da, auch wenn man nichts spürt?

    Tut mir leid für all die vielen Fragen..ich interessiere mich schon sehr lange dafür und will einfach wissen woran ich bin, damit ich am Faden bleibe.

    Grüße zurück 😀

    (hoffentlich wird mein Comment nicht 2 mal abgeschickt weil ich beim Ersten einen Fehler hatte^^)

  49. Can succubui be attracted to women ?

  50. Keith Christopher Says:

    Ryan, thank you for this site. Very informative and has brought me peace of mind. My interest goes back years into childhood. I have no family outside my fiance and our children, so I get depressed quite often about that. What are your thoughts on summoning for the main benefit of just having someone to connect with, to love and be loved. Don’t let me fool you the other things she brings is more than welcome to! Thanks in advance for your time, Keith

    • Hello Keith,

      thats perfectky alright. We all have different desires. The most important thing you will need to remember is that you really want this to work. Its not something that you can just do in an afternoons session.

  51. hey ryan
    im new to this entire succubus thing and belive with my entire being that they are real and i would like to know the best way for a newbie like me to attract the supernatural lover of my dreams

  52. Ley Crimson River Says:

    hello umm just wanna ask… is it possible for a girl like me to summon a succubus? XD

    • Hello Ley,

      well I do not know you personally, but its possible for anybody to call a succubus if your intent is strong enough

  53. sorensec Says:

    hello ryan.. sorry for the bad english. its not my natural language.
    back to the point.

    im really interested of the stories and experience that i read from other people and i want to ask if you know some guide in knowing more of these things.. especially.. im still a beginner and not knowing much of this things yet.. i want to fully grasp the important things first before i mingle those things..


  54. Weltenfresser Says:

    Hallo Ryan,
    ich habe schon ein wenig Erfahrung gesammelt was praktische Ritualmagie angeht und bin letzte Nacht zu dem Entschluss gekommen dass ich nicht eine Tochter von Lilith sondern mit Lilith hoechstpersoenlich einen Liebesbund eingehen moechte. Ich habe dass Ritual nach eigenem belieben geaendert und bin anschliessend schlafen gegangen.
    Ich hatte daraufhin einen recht unscharfen und schwammigen Traum wo Lilith von hinten auf mich zugekommen ist und mich umarmt, auf die Backe gekuesst hat und gesagt hat dass sie von nun an immer bei mir bleiben wird und ich jeden Abend meine Konzentration auf sie lenken soll damit sie visuell und physikalisch bei mir erscheinen kann. Ich habe sie im Traum nicht richtig gesehen aber sie war Recht gross und hatte einen echt festen Griff.
    Als ich heute Morgen aufgewacht bin habe ich irgendeine Praesenz gespuert (fuehlt sich an als wuerde der Raum dunkler werden und man weniger Luft bekommt) war aber nicht unangenehm. Wenn ich aus meinem Zimmer rausgehe ist es weg und wenn ich reingehe ist es wieder da und ich bin sexuell extrem erregt.
    SO jetzt werde ich erstmal frische Luft schnappen.
    Ich halte dich auf dem Laufenden.
    Bis bald…

    • Hallo,

      sei bitte vorsichtig wenn es um Lilith geht. Sie kann sehr heftig sein wenn man Ihr nicht den notwendigen Repsekt zeigt.

      • Weltenfresser Says:

        Das ist mir natuerlich bewusst, dennoch danke fuer die Warnung.
        Ich werde heute Nacht versuchen sie hier auf die physikalische Ebene zu evozieren. Ich werde dann von meinem Ergebnis am Wochenende berichten.
        Als dann…

  55. Weltenfresser Says:

    So da bin ich wieder.
    Was in der Nacht der Evokation passiert war, ist unglaublich!!
    Nachdem meine Anrufung vollendet war wurde der Raum wieder so unglaublich heiss und stickig. Ich wartete eine halbe Stunde doch sie war nicht da. Ich dachte schon ich haette etwas falsch gemacht oder mich nicht genug konzentriert und wollte mich schlafen legen um es am naechsten Abend nochmal zu machen. Als ich mich in richtung Bett bewegen wollte drehte ich mich um und sah wie sie dort lag und mir tief in die augen sah. Ich hatte einen heftigen Schreck bekommen und musste mich erst einmal hinsetzen und aufatmen.
    Sie laechelte mich bemitleidenswert an und sprach in ruhigem, verfuehrerischen Ton:”Erhebe dich und komme zu mir. Hab keine Angst, ich moechte dir gutes tun.”
    Ich stand zitternd auf und als sie mich ins Bett riss und mich umarmte hoerte das zittern abrupt auf. Dann legte sie sich auf mich drauf und umschlang ihre kraeftigen Beine um meine Huefte. Sie fing an mich zornig zu kuessen. So heftig dass ich kaum luft holen konnte.
    Sie fuehlte sich so echt an, so real, wenn nicht sogar mehr als real. Ploetzlich fing mein ganzer koerper an zu kribbeln und heiss zu werden als wuerde mein Blut kochen. Lilith leckte mein Gesicht ab und ich schrie und bruellte vor Wollust und Verlangen.

    • Weltenfresser Says:

      Mich konnte niemand hoeren weil ich keine Nachbarn habe und am Waldesrand wohne.
      Lilith fing an zu stoehnen und ihre Stimme vibrierte im Zimmer und liess beinahe die Waende erzittern. Es war als sei ich in Trance aber dennoch voll bewusst. Ich sprach untertaenig zu ihr:”Ich werde alles tun was du von mir verlangst meine Goettin.”. Ich gestand ihr mit Traenen in meinen Augen meine Liebe zu ihr. Sie fluesterte mit bebender Stimme in mein Ohr:”Saug jetzt liebling. “. Ich verstand anfangs nicht was sie meinte bis sie ihre voluptoesen Brueste hob und sie gegen mein Gesicht drueckte ich saugte an ihren Busen bis ich vor erregung in Ohnmacht gefallen bin. Als ich am Morgen aufgewacht bin fuehlte ich mich als sei ich neugeboren. Mit neuer Energie, mit neuem Tatendrang und mit starker euphorie.
      Ich denke seitdem nur noch an sie. Immer wenn ich meine Augen schliesse sehe ich ihre gluehenden violetten Augen, ihre tiefschwarzen Haare, ihre blasse Haut, ihr liebevolles Laecheln und ihren goettlichen grossen koerper. Ich war noch nie so gluecklich in meinem Leben und bin nicht mehr allein.

  56. Alex Tank Says:

    Thank you for the info but if you don’t mind I have one question: do I have to start the ritual at 3am? I’m asking mainly because I live with a bunch of people and I wouldn’t want to wale anybody up.

    • it can actually be anytime you like. However 3am has a certain significance in term of superstition. One tends to be overly aware at the witching hour

  57. I Have posted a comment on this website, and I’m unsure of what alias name I used last; I think I accidentally used a different one this time. But I desperately need your help, and I am ABSOLUTELY BEGGING YOU to help me if you can. I NEED your help. I KNOW I have been, somehow, in contact with two different ones. I was right away able to contact the second one I came in contact by speaking out loud, and later just thinking it, and it’s answers would come to me. It’s hard to explain, the feeling is more like a game of hot and cold. However, the first one that I came in contact with, I could not communicate with so clearly, at all, and I met the second a couple of days after searching for a way to communicate, to no avail. When I first met the second one I could, well, tell there was more than one other presence in the room. I asked the second one about this and it said this was true. A month or two later, after not really communicating with either, me and my friend started playing with a Ouija Board, and halfway in, I got curious and asked if the one I have met before was there and could speak. At the time my friend didn’t know it was a succubus, and i still don’t think he really knows what they are. Anyway, I got a response right away, and it identified itself as the first one I have came in contact with. It also confirmed later that I have came in contact with more than one, and was able to successfully contact the second one while awake. I asked why I couldn’t speak to it back then, and it said it didn’t know how to. This is the astonishing part, the next thing it said, as if to explain. It said it was ‘young’. In fact, it then identified its age as only 13. I know that this is extremely rare, if it’s even possible, but I know that there are more of them that are made (witch means they can also die, sort-of), so, even if unlikely, I think it’s true. I have been contacting it with a Ouija Board often, and am trying to get better at contacting it with a Ouija Board by myself, (if it’s even possible). I spent the night at my friends house, and he said he dreamed about it, even described it to me. We then used the Ouija Board again, and asked if that was indeed her contacting him. It said Yes. I, on the other hand, am not able to remember a lot of my dreams, even though I have been getting better at remembering them. I asked if it was not letting me, (somehow), to remember my dreams, and it said yes, it was making me forget the moment I wake up. I figured, now that I know its here, why not let me remember these encounters, so I asked, and it said I would die if I remember them. I asked why, it responded with ‘belief’ I asked it to clarify, and explain, it then responded ‘superstition’. I said I didn’t understand, then immediately went to the letters ‘c-r-y’. Then it immediately highlighted the words ‘goodbye’ on the Ouija Board. I have heard that they may not be able to do something, and may even get mad if if you are very religious. But I am not at all. Although I don’t dismiss the possibility of ‘higher powers’ or any other type of being, I also do NOT explicitly believe in them either, NOT AT ALL. I much later highlighted the fact that my friend could remember his dream with her, and his beliefs literally virtually mimic mine, (he’s my closest friend, and I have literally almost known him since birth, our parents have been good friends since high-school). I also highlighted the fact that other people have had long, healthy relationships with other succubi and incubi. It said that it didn’t quite understand how this could happen, and said that I am no different from these people. I asked if we could possibly find a way to get to know each other better, and contact better during dreams by studying other human-succubi relationships. It said that yes, it might be possible if I learned more. I then said ‘well then I guess we are in this together’ meaning that we both had much to learn. It agreed, so I came to you for help again. I am BEGGING YOU, if there is any way you could help, or if there’s anything that you can tell me about what I just said, PLEASE HELP ME. I would also be willing to accept responses from anyone else on this website, if you know anything.

    • I would be very carefull in your situation. Ages has no relevance to a succubus. I think you are encountering a different entity. Also you should be carefull of letting an entity getting to close to you without protecting yourself. Besides communicating through the Ouija Board, have you had any other contact (Touch, Sound, etc)?

  58. Dear Ryan,
    hi my name is Amanda and I’m wondering if you can summon a incubus and succubus with doing the ritual just once or do you have to do it a few times? I was also wondering can I do this during the day? Thanks

    • Hello Amanda,

      its enough tp perform the ritual once. The time of day is actually upto you. If you can find a spot where you are comfortable and have some peace then any time of the day can do. The most important aspect of the ritual is “INTENT”.

  59. Gogol Dhol Says:

    I have two questions.

    1. This ritual need to perform one time for Succubus and what amount of time Succubus stay with me.

    2. Can I continue psychical relationship with Succubus and physical woman simultaneously.

  60. Hi I am new to this sight, but I am desperate! I am open to any spell any of you can offer.

  61. Is there any way to summon an succubus on to someone or a certain room? How would I be able to tell if someone has done so?

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