The unbelievable BULLSHIT people believe on the Internet

A few days ago I read on some random blog post about summoning a succubus

“Hey, I am a good looking mid 30’s male. I am very successfull have a beautifull wife and a great sex life, however I cannot stop myself from constantly cheating on her. So I am thinking about getting a succubus, since technically its not cheating right? ”

I do not know if I should laugh or cry when I read this. I mean come on, what do people expect in a succubus.

Again, if you sole desire is to have sex with your dream women, you better start masterbating


2 Responses to “The unbelievable BULLSHIT people believe on the Internet”

  1. Harry Holmes Says:

    Hi. My name’s Harry Holmes from ‘My Succubus Love’ blog site.
    I coudn’t agree more with what you have to say here.
    It’s really good to see that someone has the intellectual ‘balls’ (courage) and the time to wage war against ignorance. I have also received a few emails such as the one you have described here from both women and men. It’s tragic and hilarious at the same time.
    Any time you want to get in touch with me you are more than welcome to. From Harry Holmes…

  2. Hi Harry, my name is Mike,am very interested in summoning a sucubus, however filled with trepidation, I have read most of Dennis Wheatly´s books, if you are familiar with his stories, you may know that he and other writers, would get information on the occult from a man called Alistair Crowly, who was in fact a witch, or warlock, is now passed on but the point I am trying to make is that a lot of Wheatlys writing although fiction, was based on fact, so it sounds a not very sensible thing to do, summoning any kind of spirit, Wheatly, allways warned, that summoning a spirit, you may get something very unpleasant, and have no control over what comes to you. However based on what I have just read ,if it is true, it seems some people, have a very good and lasting relationship, with succubi,if I were to try this I think the first problem I would have would be to empty, or clear my mind, there is allways something going on in there! I have many questions, would be glad of you help, and would like to know of your expierience´s in this field,. thanks for your time look forward to hearing from you. sincerly Mike Lewis.

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