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Desire | Intend – Absolute prerequirements when calling a Succubus

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First a metaphor

“Its been a long day at work. You skipped breakfest and you worked through lunch. All day long you lunged for a nice XXL Burger with crispy bacon, tasty beef, and soft melting cheese. The more you think about it, the more hungry you get. You can almost taste the savoury flavour of the burger as you imagine yourself biting into it. Your desire to eat that burger grows with each passing hour until you finally arrive at home and prepare your delicious meal.”

Now thats desire!

As with all things in life, nothing is free. And if you really want something you need to desire it. Please do not mistake it with “The Secret” crap out there, I am not telling you that you will win the lottery if you desire it, lol.

Just sitting down and meditating and telling yourself that you want to call a succubus will not cut it. You really have to want it, with all your heart and soul. I know this sounds like an easy thing to do, but its not. To actually anticipate the spirit close to you. Feel its touch on your body, the kiss on your lips, the heat in your body as jolts of pleasure surge through you. And the real challenge herin lays that you must not only want this with your mind, but with your whole body, and all that while staying in a state of trance.

But Desire is just half of the rent. Intend is seeing it through. The will to follow through with your actions no matter the cost. Intend is your most potent (and also dangerous) power. People with stroing desire and Intend can perform true miracles, with or without performing rituals.

Ask yourself what you want and how you want to get it.

If it is a “succubus” you want then set your mind and body to it. Don’t see it a tryout to see if it works. Convince yourself that your target is within reach and that you can achieve this goal. Do not give up if it doesn’t work at first. A lot of people see you a crappy ritual on the net, try it, and have no succuss. And those who claim that it actually work are just attention seekers with no clue as to what really happenend.

And that will be your first big challange, to accept that you will not be succussfull on your very first attempt, but not give up and continue trying. Intend, Intend, Indent. I cannot stress this enough, its the absolute requirement when working with spirits. A strong will can be sensed. A focused strong will be heard and answered.

In my following Post I will give you a real life example of what Indent and desire can do (in a bad way)




Recommended Reading

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If you are actually searching for good material on summoning a succubus, you will find that there is virtually nothing available on the open market. You may find links to a PDF book on how to summon a succubus in 7 steps or an amazon E-Book, but trust me, your better off investing your money elsewhere.

When you break it down there are only a handfull of books which deal with the subject matter at hand.

First and foremost a book I can truly recommend is:

Sexual Alchemy from Donald Tyson

You can buy it on Amazon (, but be warned the price can exceed 100$). This book is worth every cent, since it really works. Some of the practical examples are really good and have helped me in the past. The book has a somewhat biased relegious tone to it. However the parts which go against your religon can easily be changed.

A word of warning though. This book is NOT intended for beginners. Some of the rituals in this book are very intense, and if performed haf-assed or with the wrong intend may result in having a pissed off spirit in your life.

Another Book I recommend and should be read from cover to cover is:

The Complete Book of Demonolatry from S. Connolly

This book talks about a lot of topics concerning demons and spirits. Parts that I an recommend (and that I will eloborate in a later post) are the procedures on how to call spirits and demons without forcing your will onto them. The book also covers many aspects of sigils (which I will also get into later). This book will give you a solid REALISTIC foundation and will cleanse you of all the crap that is available currently. Highly recommended. You can also purchase this Book from Amazon.


To Summon, Conjure or to Call a Succubus

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I see so many “spells” on the net saying that you have to draw a circle or bad things will happen to you when working with spirits in general. In the lesser Key of Salamon it is said that if you wish to conjure a demon it is important that you incase its sigil (Seal) in a circle.

Image: Seal of Paimon

Now, while this may seem like a wise thing to do, it is not right. By conjuring a Spirit by encasing its seal / Sigil in a circle you are basically commanding it to appear, making it a slave to your will. While this may work well for a seasoned Conjurer, it is not something I recommend doing when beginning to work with spirits.

A spirit (in our term Succubus) must come freely and be able to leave freely without being forced into any action. In a later post I will outline how you can call a succubus or demon without a protective circle and still be safe.

Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 1 – Relax & Clear your mind

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Today I will start with the guide. Its important that before you actually begin to call a succubus that you at least have siome measure of putting yourself in a trance. Why you may ask? Simple – Your mind in its normal state will block out anything that is even remotely supernatural. This is way you need to learn to relax and empty your mind of any thoughts. I know this may sound simple, but thrust me it takes practice. So lets get started:

1. ) Find a place where you can retreat. A place where it is quiet and where you will not be distracted by outside influence. Make sure you are wearing loose fitting and comfortable cloth. I also recommond you take a shower first.

2.) Sit down in a comfortable position. I do not recommend laying down in the beginning since its to easy to actually fall asleep

3.) Either do this at night or dim down the lights of the room.

4.) Do help yourself focus light a candle and place it infront of you (Any color)

5.) Try finiding a relaxing breathing rythum. Take full and deep breaths, but not to the point where it becomes cumbersome.

6.) Take a look at flame of the candle and then close your eyes and try to keep the image of the burning flame in your mind. Imagine it burning and let all other thoughts go. The only sound you will hear is the sound of your breath.

7.) Imagine your body getting heavy. Start with your toes and slowly move upwards. Take your time. Feel as if invisible roots are locking your body into place. In the end only your neck and head remain free.

8.) Any stray tought that comes into your mind should be blanked out.

The more you practice the above exerciese the better it will be for you to prepare your body to feel vibrations emmitting from supernatural beings.

The Goal should be to not be able to move your body. Your mind should be completely empty. However your perception of your surrounding will be peaked. You will be able to pick up the slightest sound and see the slightest flicker in the shadows since all other distractions have been blanked out.

Try to perform this exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. You will find the more you practice the faster it will get to get into a state of trance.


My first real encounter

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I believe that many people who have tried calling a succubus have had a hard time telling if they where succussfull. They might have felt a surge of cold air, or a tickling sensation in one of there feet. But perhaps it was just your mind playing tricks on you. What would it take for you to firmly believe that you have been visited by a succubus?

Let me tell you my story on what convinced me 100% without a doubt

It was a night like any other. Before going to bed I usually meditate for 15-30 minutes, I do this to clear my mind so that I can get a good nights sleep. I had in the past tried to call a succubus, but always with questionable results. Nothing that would convince me that something really came.

At this particular night in February 20010 I had made no special preperations. No spells or rituals. Just simple breath exercises and a blank mind.

It happened suddenly and without forewarning. My chest tightend. I felt as if I was jolted by electricity. A sensation that started in my chest and spread out to my abdomen. The sensation was so strong that at first I thought I was fiercly hugged. But I opened my eyes and saw nothing. I decided to lay down and relax. The next thing I felt was a gentle touch on both my legs which slided upwards. Not just a breeze but a real touch. I could feel fingers below my pyjamas. My legs parted and felt as if they where floating on air.

The next thing I felt I can only describe as the most intense sexual feeling that I ever had. It was like a pulse vibrated throughout my own body. So strong that I actually moaned in ectasy. And it did not stop. The feeling of hands over my body. The erotic spasms, and a preasure on my legs that felt as if someone was sitting on them.

At the height of my pleasure I actually saw a very hazy shape over me. Although i could not see a distinct form, I could feel that it was female in nature.

I had often asked the question in the past “What is your name”. And I would get all kinds of names in my head. But I was always pretty sure that it was just my imagination. But when I asked that night, I got a clear name, so alien to the thoughts of my own mind that it was clear that it was not my own mind playing tricks.

I remember going to bed at 10pm. The next thing I knew it was almost 2am. It felt like 10 minutes for me.

This was my first real encounter with a “Succubus”, and I can say that my life forever changed after this first encounter


On purchasing a Succubus spell/item on the Internet

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I find it hilarious whenever I read Ebay listings from sellers offering “Haunted” Succubus Items/Spells. It really shows that their is a whole  legion of idiots out there buying into this crap. I mean come on. Lets have a look at some of these listings

Purchase your love demon for just 19,95$

First and foremost. DO NOT BUY SPELL / RING FROM EBAY!!!!!!!!!

In the past 2 years there was just ONE seller that sold genuine Items. And she is no longer alive, so rest assured that what you see on Ebay is nothing else but a cheap piece of jewelry or a empty promise of a spell. Some of these items might even fetch sums of upto 1000$. But do not be fooled by such a price. A scam is a scam

You just gotta love Item Descriptions like this

Bound very sexily to this vessel

Is this Gorgeous & very sexually insatiable

Sexually Charged succubus from France

Who just has to have sex with you!!

Claim her and her vessel as your own,

And call her to you.

This girl is gorgeous, with her large breasts

And her hot warm thighs that will

Grip your waist tightly.

She  is so sexy that she can even

Make you climax in your sleep!

And when you are awake She will be waiting

For you to call on her!!

I mean come on. If there are people out there gullable for this kind of crap then we are truly living in a dumbed down soceity.

Succubi are REAL, but they cannot be purchased for 39,95$

What is a Succubus

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Well for starters you can always start with Wikipedia


But beyond that there is jungle of Information available. Depending on your religious views you will get polar opisites in terms of a description. One camp will say that a succubus is a vile and dangerous Demon capable of killing men in their sleep. Another popular view is that they are just lustfull spirits seeking nothing more then to please humans. The offcourse you have variations of both. Simply put……there is no clear and accurate description as to what a succubus is.

So whats the answer?

Simple, its whatever you intend it to be. Succubus are not creatures which are cast into stone, nor does the term good or evil fall into effect when defining its moral nature. It all depends on your intend and purpose.

For 99% of people who wish to “summon” a succubus the nature is always sex. These people seek to have a supernatural sexual partner. A fantasy dream women that furfill all of your sexual desires as much and whenever you want. PLEASE…….

If that is your illusion of a succubus, then its better if you continue watching porn on the net and masturbating to your favourite swimsuit model.

I know this will alienate a majority of the readers, but its very clear to get the facts straight. Succubbus are not sex toys!! If you still insist that you want a spiritual sex toy, then I suggust you search for your succubus on Ebay!