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What this site is about and what its not

Posted in General on February 7, 2012 by ryan2k

So here I am. I pondered long and hard if I should create this blog and post my thoughts to the world. But after typing some random succbus words into Google I was amazed on how much trash and bullshit is circulating the web these days. And whats even worse is that most people take this information for granted.

So whats this Blog about.

Well, to be honest I cannot say what the ultimate goal is, however I can say is that I will try to give a you as much answers as I can about Succubi.

Instead of compacting all Information into a few page long posts I will try to give each subject a dedicated posts so that navigation with this blog is kept simple.

Who is this Blog for:

– People who want to learn more about Succubi and Spirit Entities in General

– People who wish to establish a bond to an Succubus

– People who are sick and tired of all the bullshit and lies that are being forcefed into your minds

Who is this Blog not for:

– People who just want to have Sex with a spirit

– Religious nutjobs

– People who like to force their opinion unto others

With that being said I welcome all comments and will try to answer as often as I can.