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Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 5 – Communicating with your Succubus

Posted in Guide on March 15, 2012 by ryan2k

Lets face it. You felt her touch and you asked yourself countless times, “Is this real or am I imagining this”. You ask the question out loud and in your mind “What is your name”, and you think to hear voices in your head but cannot say if these voices are your own thoughts or not.

Communicating with your Succubus can be very frustrating at first. It will lead to self-doubt which in term leads to you not believing anymore. So how can you effectivly communicate with your Succubus???

Use a Pendalum

A Pendalum you say, isn’t that a cheap trick. Well the answer is Yes and No. Yes if you use it incorrectly and No if you follow my method.

The first thing you will need is a Pendalum. I do not recommend making one yourself since it needs to be perfectly balance to get the best results.

Second you need to forget all the crap you heard about fortune tellers and other mumble jumble.

Third you need to have a steady hand

Now the thing you need to remember here is that its very easy to cheat using a pendalum. You might not even be aware that you are cheating since only the smallest movement of your hand will change the outcome in what you want to read.

So how do we not cheat and get an accurate reading.


2 Pieces of Paper and a pen.

– On one paper write down in a single column the numbers 1-24.
– Next randomly assign letters to the numbers non-chronological Order. For instance 11=B, 23=S, 2=R etc. make sure you do this fast and for the whole alphabet and do not begin memorizing the pattern. Once your done, turn over the paper and wait a few hours. Do not turn over the paper and look at the numbers and assigned letters.
– Next you will create a half circle chart about 15 cm across. Similiar to the chart below, but make it with 1-24 numbers instead of 0-10

– Basically you have now made a direct reference to the alphabet without knowing which letter is hidden behind each number. This pretty much rules out cheating
– When you are ready and preferably at night, take the first paper you turned over and place it behind your back or nearby and turn it around again so that the writing is visible. Do not look at it.
– Take your chart and place it in front of you
– before you begin its important that you dedermine a Yes/No position. The Following information is not from me, but in essence tells you how it works

Determining the “yes” and “no” Response:

Before using a particular pendulum for the first time, hold it in the appropriate position, and ask, either aloud or mentally, “Pendulum, please show me YES”. Give the pendulum time to respond and observe the direction of the swing as it responds. If the swing is modest at first, don’t be concerned, because it takes a while for a particular pendulum to begin to vibrate with you. After you have determined the YES response, ask the pendulum to show you the NO response in the same manner. Check the YES/NO response in this way, the first few times you do a session with the pendulum. This is necessary because different pendulums can give their YES and NO responses by swinging in different directions. Also, if at any time you feel you are not getting accurate responses, even after using the pendulum for a while, check the YES/NO response again. It is a good idea to check the YES/NO response periodically because it can change as you change and grow. It can also change if you let other people handle your pendulum.

– Once you have determined your Yes/No Position you can begin
– Talk slowly and be accurate. Tell your succubus that you have prepared a paper which is hidden to you on which the corrosponding Letters to Numbers can be found. Tell her to show you the numbers which corrospond to the letters which only she can see.
– Ask your Succubus if she understands the questions. If you get a yes responce then you can continue
– Begin with a simple question, but remember to take it very slow. Single word answers are your goal for the first few sessions. make sure you take breaks between words.
– Once you get an indication in which way the Pendalum swings, write down the number

This process can be very timeconsuming since you need to verify each letter with a YES/NO Check. For the first session, ask only 2 questions and then check the paper with the numbers you wrote. The first time I used this method I asked the question what she wanted from me, her answer was: Love me please

Here is a sample for asking the name

Please tell me the first letter of your name
Does your name contain any other letters
Please tell me the second letter of your name
Does your name contain any other letters

…and so on

Be patient and take your time formulating your question. Do not worry, you will not irratate your succubus by asking and verifing each letter – because do not forget, she wants nothing more then to communicate with you as well.


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Hello everyone,

first of all I want to say thank you for all the E-Mail I received. I understand that it can be frustrating when nothing happens the first time, but then again you should see this as a challenge. Is your Intent strong enough to achieve your goal.

I could list at least 5 other methods which you could use to summon a succubus (perhaps I will later on), But let me now summerize some answers to the most commen questions I received

Q: The ritual did not work for <enter reason>

A: If I could answer this question for everyone, then I guess I could become a prophet. Fact is that it will not work for some people. Most howewer can achieve success when using proper Intent. The goal here is to believe that you will succeed. Continue your meditation and learn to focus

Q: Is it dangerous

A: Yes, simply put it is. You are dealing with something you cannot explain. Something you cannot grasp, and in fact are pretty much at the mercy of if you piss it off. Also while perfoming a ritual you are more likely to attract other spirits / Entitys / Demons which are very keen on contacting you and even masqerading as a Succubus. I know you might feel why am I trying to scare you away. Well, I just want to warn you that I cannot give you any qaruntee that your ritual will be safe. All I can do is give advice on what kind of precations you should take in advance and how you should end your ritual.

EDIT: Here is some personal advice I recommend YOU NEVER EVER DO. After you complete a ritual, especially a longer one where you where in a deep trance for over 30 minutes. Never look in a mirror and concentrate on yourself. I cannot attest if this will happen to you, but what I have seen in the reflection is horrible enough for a grown man to piss himself. I will not go into details, as this is one of those things that I want to forget.

Q: Can the Succubus manifest

A: Yes, but it will take time. Before you can actually start to really feel her your bond will need be deep. In my case it took me nearly 9 months before I actually felt her for the first time. Also be warned that although you might think that you are making love to a women you will be surprised that this bill does not fit to succubi and their appearence to you

Q: Can you help me perform the Ritual or give me personal advice

A: Due to the ammount of E-Mails I have received I amno longer able to offer this service for free.