Hello everyone,

first of all I want to say thank you for all the E-Mail I received. I understand that it can be frustrating when nothing happens the first time, but then again you should see this as a challenge. Is your Intent strong enough to achieve your goal.

I could list at least 5 other methods which you could use to summon a succubus (perhaps I will later on), But let me now summerize some answers to the most commen questions I received

Q: The ritual did not work for <enter reason>

A: If I could answer this question for everyone, then I guess I could become a prophet. Fact is that it will not work for some people. Most howewer can achieve success when using proper Intent. The goal here is to believe that you will succeed. Continue your meditation and learn to focus

Q: Is it dangerous

A: Yes, simply put it is. You are dealing with something you cannot explain. Something you cannot grasp, and in fact are pretty much at the mercy of if you piss it off. Also while perfoming a ritual you are more likely to attract other spirits / Entitys / Demons which are very keen on contacting you and even masqerading as a Succubus. I know you might feel why am I trying to scare you away. Well, I just want to warn you that I cannot give you any qaruntee that your ritual will be safe. All I can do is give advice on what kind of precations you should take in advance and how you should end your ritual.

EDIT: Here is some personal advice I recommend YOU NEVER EVER DO. After you complete a ritual, especially a longer one where you where in a deep trance for over 30 minutes. Never look in a mirror and concentrate on yourself. I cannot attest if this will happen to you, but what I have seen in the reflection is horrible enough for a grown man to piss himself. I will not go into details, as this is one of those things that I want to forget.

Q: Can the Succubus manifest

A: Yes, but it will take time. Before you can actually start to really feel her your bond will need be deep. In my case it took me nearly 9 months before I actually felt her for the first time. Also be warned that although you might think that you are making love to a women you will be surprised that this bill does not fit to succubi and their appearence to you

Q: Can you help me perform the Ritual or give me personal advice

A: Due to the ammount of E-Mails I have received I amno longer able to offer this service for free.

3 Responses to “F.A.Q.”

  1. As far as the danger aspect is concerned, I had an interesting experience last night. I don’t know if it’s because I’m lazy or what, but I don’t want to use any materials. So I wrote the sigil for Lilith on my hand (one I found on the internet), laid in bed and said out loud a sort of prayer. I asked Lilith to send to me one of her daughters to be my lover and my friend and that it would mean a lot to me, for I am a lonely mortal, small and insignificant. Then I thanked her and asked her to let her daughter use the sigil on my hand as guidance to my position. Nothing happened and eventually I just turned over and fell asleep.

    I was plagued by nightmares. I don’t know what exactly happened in my dreams, but I remember it was just a sort of terrifying feeling. I woke up in the middle of the night and, still sleepy, I begged whatever was present to please leave me be.

    Now, I have no idea if it was all just coincidence or what. If there was a spirit there, I don’t even know if it was doing anything wrong. I might have just been freaking out. If that’s the case, I hope I didn’t offend it. I guess this sort of thing is just something you should be prepared for?

  2. This happened to me a lot in the beginning. I was pretty dumb and basically was desperate for any kind of contact. I did not close the ritual probarly and had some of the most surreal nightmares you can imagine.

    Just never forget YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Tell them to go away and that they are not welcome, and they (usually) listen.

  3. i have a very long story with lucid dreaming or OBE(out of body experience) and many times i had sexual good times with spirits but my problem is from about one year i have sex with one (the best one) and before i Spewing semen i exclude her cause i have afraid to make her pregnant and i didn’t know her name cause i was the first time with her and from that day i have never able to have sex with succubus only lucid dreaming with girls form my imagination ….
    and note that most times of entering this state was happening incidentally …
    sometimes i was fighting these things (things wearing black) and i have many experience doing this … sometimes they hit me … and they are stronger form me , what i need to do maybe i heart some one of them and the banish me …
    one time had sex with many succubus while i feeling their wings its like claws ..
    please help how can i enter this state again

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