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Now offering Consultation services for a fee

Posted in General on July 26, 2012 by ryan2k

Since I have received numerous E-Mails and requests for help with the rituals I find that answering all requests takes up a large ammount of my time. Therefore I have decided to offer consultation services for those who really need and want help for a small one time fee.

Services I provide

– Help in formulating a ritual to your needs
– Answering all questions regarding rituals and communications to your succubus

The price is fixed at $xxxxx per case.

I will still answer normal requests when I have spare time, but paid cases get top priority.

Also I will still continue to post new rituals and information whenever time permits

When you make a Paypal payment please make sure to leave your contact E-Mail in the payment notes. Consultation is strictly via E-Mail only

Poll: Religon

Posted in General, Poll on July 19, 2012 by ryan2k

I have had so many E-Mails on the topic of Religon and if it actually has an impact on the ritual. Hence is a Succubus an Angel or Demon or something different. I myself have a strong and founded opinion on the matter, but promised myself to remain neutral since whatever I say I would offend some people. So I decided to make this Poll to see what your opinion is


Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 6 – The Black Mirror Method

Posted in General, Guide with tags on July 15, 2012 by ryan2k

There are many paths towards summoning a Succubus, the letter method I wrote about earlier is just one of many. Today I would like to introduce another means of calling a succubus, however this being far more dangerous than the letter method. I have thought long and hard if I should write about this method as it is most likely the most dangerous way.

I once wrote that the worst experience I ever had was using a mirror directly after doing a ritual. I still stand true to this, however today I would like to give instructions on how to use a black mirror in calling a succubus

First off you need a black mirror. These are very simple to make yourself. Here is a link to a site explaining how to make one, without the entire esoteric mumble jumble

Things to note about Black Mirrors

I am no esoteric expert, so I cannot give any advice to scrying properties. However a black mirror is a very powerful tool for a summoner, it will allow you to actually SEE the spirit you have called. While this may sound like a fantastic experience it can be also a haunting one. For whatever you see in the black mirror is always considered to be the true form of the being you are calling. Unlike a Succubus that you are seeing through your mind eye there is no layer of imagination between you and the being you have called.

Also a very important note: Never ever look at your own reflection (Face) in the mirror. Always keep the mirror at an angle where your own reflection cannot be seen by yourself. I cannot stress how important this is!!!

The Ritual

For the ritual you will need a candle, a large towel, some cord or string and the mirror. Place the mirror in front of you and angle it slightly to one side of your body so that your face is just cut off. The candle must have a reflection in the mirror, if required place it so that it is centered in the mirrors reflection. The Towel and cord is used for emergencies if things go wrong and as such should be prepared in such a way that it can very quickly be used to cover the mirror and tie up the towel. Under no circumstance should you use a stone or anything else to break the mirror!!!!

You should sit comfortably in an upright position and begin to meditate as outlined in my other steps. It’s important to let everything go, your mind must be a complete blank and your breathing deep and regular. When you are at the point of not even feeling your body, then you are ready to begin.

As with most other rituals your focus point is the flame of the candle. However in this case it must be the reflection of the flame. It’s important for you at this point to let the thought of the mirror go. For you this reflection is the real flame, forget everything around it and just concentrate on the reflection.

You will begin to see strange halo’s curve and twist about the flame, always shifting and swirling in different forms and colors. Let yourself be lost in the spectacle.

Then take a deep breath and call to Lilith. There is no fixed formulation of what to speak, just keep in mind that you must give her the highest form of respect. As always Intent is the key to success here. Put your heart and your focus into your words. Mean it like your life depends on it.  I will give a small example of what you can see, but feel free to change it to whatever suits you best

“I am <firstname> <lastname> and I call to you great Lilith, mother of all Succubi.” Repeat this 3 times

“I am pure of thought and seek no ill intention and ask your forgiveness if I have offended you with my calling”

Wait a few moments after this, keep your eyes focused on the flame and watch for a reaction.

 If you see fluctuations in the flame such as rising and falling or mad flickering then you must abort with the following

“I humbly apologize to you great Lilith and withdraw from your greatness”

In such a case you must close the ritual probably.

“I now ask all other spirits, demons and entities who have been attracted to my ritual to begone and leave in peace.”

After that refocus your gaze just past the flame and make sure you see nothing else. If necessary repeat the above dismissal again.

If however you see something move or is in anyway unfamiliar to you then you must blow out the candle, take the mirror and cover it completely in a towel. Wrap it up and tie it together in a towel and remove it from your home, and never bring it back!

I know this sounds extreme, but believe me; you do not want to keep the mirror in your possession if you have attracted something else which does not leave after a proper dismissal.

If the flame stays calm then you may continue

“Great Lilith, it is my heart’s desire that one of your children visit me. I seek no gain from this visit other than to bask in the presence of your magnificent daughter. I will never make any claims towards her and promise to not bind her against her will.”

Make a pause and again watch the reflection of the flame for a negative reaction

“Thank you great Lilith for hearing my wish. If you grant me this favor then let this flame guide your daughter to me.”

It is now essential to focus on the flame with the intent of calling a succubus.

Now it’s important for you to understand that what happens next can be a life changing experience. You will see the succubus in the mirror as she comes to you in her true form. This is not the form that you imagine her to be, but rather the form she wants you to see, and in some cases (at least from my own experience) this can be horrific in nature.

Under NOOOOOO circumstances are you to abort the ritual at this stage by freaking out. If you see something in the mirror which is too much for you behold then close your eyes, take a deep breath and say.

“Thank you daughter of Lilith for visiting me. I kindly ask you to show yourself to me in pleasant form.”

At this stage imagine how she should look with all your intent and then open your eyes again and look into the mirror.

Normally this helps and the Succubus should have changed form. If the form still has not changed, you can try again or just try to accept her natural form. Either way you will know without a shred of doubt that you called a succubus to you.

It’s important to remember that what you are seeing is a reflection of the real world and that the succubus is really there with you. You might not see or feel her there right beside her, but she is in fact there.

From here on out it’s up to you how you continue. I can just give you the recommendation to take it slow. If she appears once for you, then she will appear again. Try to get her name, as this will make subsequent summoning rituals much easier as you can call her directly.

I strongly recommend moving away from the black mirror as soon as possible. Once you have her name and know how she looks in her true form it should easily be possible to call her with just a candle.

Closing words

The Black Mirror method is a very direct and certain way of calling a succubus. It will give you proof beyond doubt that she exists. However this is also a very dangerous method, as you will be able to see things that your mind cannot handle. So in closing all I can say is, perform this ritual at your own risk!!