Poll: Religon

I have had so many E-Mails on the topic of Religon and if it actually has an impact on the ritual. Hence is a Succubus an Angel or Demon or something different. I myself have a strong and founded opinion on the matter, but promised myself to remain neutral since whatever I say I would offend some people. So I decided to make this Poll to see what your opinion is


3 Responses to “Poll: Religon”

  1. I tryed to send e mail to the gmail you had on here but it failed. My question is can someone else who has power in the supernatural sommon a succubus 4 me. I tryed the letter method about 3 weeks ago now i will try the black mirrow.

  2. Hello. I just finished your last post 2 days ago. That night I woke up around 4 am and felt apresence. I was not thinking about a succubus. As I was laying there I was overcome by a tremendous feeling ofl lust and desire. I felt like someone was touching me on my legs and groin. This lasted until I got up at 7. I never saw anyone but a few minutes befor I got up I swear I saw a red orb on the ceiling. It floated toward me and dissapeard. It’s 2 days later and I haven’t felt it again yet but I have a feeling I will. I wanted to share this with you and thank you. I truly hope this continues and also I will be donating 20 to you and maybe I can contact you for some advice. Anyway thanks again. Mike

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