Now offering Consultation services for a fee

Since I have received numerous E-Mails and requests for help with the rituals I find that answering all requests takes up a large ammount of my time. Therefore I have decided to offer consultation services for those who really need and want help for a small one time fee.

Services I provide

– Help in formulating a ritual to your needs
– Answering all questions regarding rituals and communications to your succubus

The price is fixed at $xxxxx per case.

I will still answer normal requests when I have spare time, but paid cases get top priority.

Also I will still continue to post new rituals and information whenever time permits

When you make a Paypal payment please make sure to leave your contact E-Mail in the payment notes. Consultation is strictly via E-Mail only

14 Responses to “Now offering Consultation services for a fee”

  1. arieajiol Says:


    I have a question about the service. If I pay you the $20 for your service, is there any guarantee that I am able to summon a succubus lover? Thanks again.

    • Hi there,

      there is never a garuntee that it wil work for some. wether it works depends on a lot of factors, with the most important factor being yourself. What I offer in this service is a more indepth ritual suited for your needs. Its still upto you to follow through with it. However I will also be available to answer any question you have in terms of preperation and followup

      • arieajiol Says:


        Sorry to bother you again, but I have another question. About the preperation and the follow up. Do I have to pay for that. Couple weeks ago, I perform a ritual to summon a succubus lover. Here is how my ritual goes. I sat down on a chair, starting to perform some breathing exercise for a little while, to get me in the right mood. Then I stood up from my chair. Then I close my eyes, then I begin to chant Lilith name out silently three times to connect to her. Then I begin to tell her my request. After I finish telling her my request, I took a white blank piece of paper, and pour some of my semen on the paper, then I burn the paper in a metal pot, to make an offering to Lilith. When the paper is done burning, then I begin to lit the candle, I sat down on my chair, and started to meditate, trying to connect to my succubus. During my meditation session, with my eyes close, I felt a cold air rushing to my body and it felt kind of strange though. So what are your thoughts on this?

        And sorry to bother you with another question. In your advice, how should I prepare and how should I do the following up. Should I strike a deal with Lilith, telling that if she sends me a succubus, for one week I will sing to her in her honor or leave out a glass of water for a whole week for her to drink? I apologize again for the long question. Thanks again.

  2. I think what Ryan is saying is that “these” type of questions will be answered in his personal session. There is no cookie cutter ritual that will meet everyone’s needs. They are all adapted to the individual as we are all different and are all at different points along our spiritual journey. I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. The same holds true here. The ritual can be done correctly and both parties can be in attendance (Succubus and recipient) but for some reason (lack of intent, ritual performed out of sarcasm, lack of faith, fear, etc…) nothing happens. Faith is not just a Christian concept, it is a spiritual concept. In Christianity it is called faith and in …..let’s just say not Christianity it’s called intent. It is, however, all the same. Ryan has done a great job with this site and the information he has placed here. I think one thing needs to be re-iterated though…These beings are not pet rocks. They are ACTUAL beings with feelings and you can upset them or hurt their feelings or piss them off as well as make love to them and enjoy a spiritual intimacy. Do you actually have any idea how hard it is to get rid of these beings once they are in your life? This is a Spirit that you have “asked to come in to your life and bond with you”. Please do not take this lightly. I apologize for the long response as I have no wish to hijack your board Ryan. I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Kindly provide your e-mail. So that I could avail your paid/unpaid consultancy.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    I am new to your site and have been mediating every night for the past two weeks. I have done the ritual around 4 times with questionable results. However rereading your information about intent and desire. I did the ritual again to Lilith. In my mind I focused very deeply on the happiness and a smile of a girl I cant recall the name of. Who knows how long I concentrated,( I might have fell asleep at this point), however I was awoken suddenly to a pressure on my chest, and parts of my body very warm as if they were close to fire and a strange feeling of ecstasy. It subsided after around 3 minutes. Focusing on these feelings for days afterward I concluded that it might have been a false connection. So I did the ritual to Agrat Bat Malhat, and on the first try while meditating for around an hour I felt a very powerful presence. It was like I could feel her footsteps as she got closer; my eyes were closed and again I felt warmth in my hands and some ecstasy, however from such a powerful presence I somewhat panicked and the feelings subsided. What I am basically asking is there anyway for me to deepen this connection and are these occurrences from the succubus? Sorry for the long post.

    • hello Sebastian,

      the most important lesson is to not give up and I see that you have already mastered that. Contact happens in many forms, the most commen one being a pressure sensations or a tingeling in the feet or hands. I have always had success by calling to Agrat bat Malhat, don’t ask why, but it always worked. I recommend you try a Lucid Dream connection as outlined in my latest post, this will help establishing a stronger connection

  5. Hiya Ryan 🙂 Uhmm was just wondering if you still checked the site from time to time. Seems a little silent hehe.

    • Hello there, yes I am still checking the site. I made a new post today, please check it out

      • Nice 🙂
        Before I go on I’d just like to thank you for all the work and experiences you’re sharing on the page. It is really appreciated here.
        I think I’ll continue the rest on the new post as it seems surprisingly related to the things happening to me.
        Hoped you might be able to give a little hint as to what I should do.
        And again, thanks a lot.

  6. Hey Ryan Im new to the page but i have used alot.

    your experiences and guides help me get my succubus, but i have some questions such as the on i put on the new post NO.7

    we have been together for a couple months and change in activity except, voices, stronger touchs, and more ackward encounters.

    I’ve also found out her name but i have the worst time communicating with, i tried t use the pendulum technique but i just didn’t understand, do you have anything else i can use.

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