Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 7 – Interacting with your Succubus via Lucid Dream

Hello everyone,

today I would like to give you a tutorial on how to interact with your Succubus via Lucid dreams. This method is especially recommended for beginners or people who have not had much succuss in communicating with a succubus while awake.

Before we begin its important to explain the difference between dreaming and lucid dreaming.


While you are dreaming your mind is completely sub-concious, you have no active control over your state. To put it in simple terms: When you are dreaming you are unaware that you are dreaming and thus have little to no control of the dreamstate

Lucid Dreaming

The main difference between dreaming and lucid dreaming is that you are AWARE that you are dreaming. By being aware that you are dreaming you have full concious control of yourself and can actually begin to control the dream you are in. While Lucid dreaming you can fly, go back in time, be a rockstar, have sex with anyone you want, basically the possibilities are limited only by what you can imagine.

Succubus and Lucid Dreaming

A succubus commuincates on a different level, and to fully be aware of her takes lots of practice and patience. In a lucid dream however many of the barriers we place around ourselves while being awake fall away and a direct commication is easily possible. Being Lucid will also allow you to see your succubus and interact with her on a physical level (such as having sex).

The results of interacting with your Succubus via Lucid Dream can be life changing. once you have made a connection via dreaming you will be able to visualise her in your wake state and thus make it much easier to call her and interact with her during the day.

How to become Lucid

There are many methods on becoming Lucid. Some require many weeks of daily practice, while some can very quick. In my experience there is one method which always works and is called Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD), this method in conjuntion with a simple reality check is all you need to become Lucid.

Step 1: You will have to be very tired for this to work. Stay up late so that you feel that you can almost instantly fall asleep. When you have reached that point go to bed and relax. Get into a comfortable position and take deep breaths. Once you are comfortable the important part begins. You are going to try to let your body fall asleep while at the same time your mind remains alert and awake. While this may sound easy, you will find that it takes some practice.

Step 2: While your body is relaxing you should keep your mind alert. I recommend doing simple math which does not require you to tax yourself to much. A simple 1+2=3 is sufficient. It simportant to stay borderline here. Your body will begin to feel numb as your fall asleep. Keep repeating in your mind “I am awake” and continue with logical thinking.

Step 3: If you are doing it correctly you will begin to feel a buzz all around your body (This is normal). You are now on the threshold of falling asleep. You will also start to see images flare up in your mind. Its very easy to just fall asleep at this stage and loose yourself in the dream. Just keep reminding yourself “I am awake, I am dreaming I am awake, etc)

NOTE: It happens a lot that you get excited at this stage as you feel yourself slipping away while still being fully alert. This usually leads to waking up again. Do not worry, this is normal. Just relax and start over.

Step 4: Once the buzzing subsides and your mind is filled with colors and other imagery and you still are able to think straight you are ready to take control. Start of by visualising your bedroom. try to keep everything the way you remember, the more you try incorperating things which are not there in reality the higher the chance of waking up.

Step 5: Perform a reality check: While dreaming anything is possible. In order to confirm for yourself that you are indeed dreaming its important to verify this with a reality check. If you do not do this, the chance is very high that your mind fall back into dreaming. A reality check is simple mechanism to verify that you are no longer awake. There are many kinds of tests. The one I prefer is pinching together my noose with my finger while trying to breath normal. In reality this is impossible. In a dream however you will continue to breathe normal. There are many forms of reality checks, here is a online referenz to some:

Step 6: You should feel yourself laying on your back with your eyes open. Next call to your succubus. It does not matter if you know her name or not. Tell her to show herself to you in pleasent form. Try not to imagine how she looks, leave this to her.

Step 7: Take it slow! If this is your first time Lucid its very easy to wake up. I know many will want to have sex, but that will take time since its hard to keep the lucid dream stable when your mind is pre-occupied with sex. You should use your first dream to get her name and asking simple questions. Don’t be suprised if the dream only lasts a few minutes at first. You have all night to try again.

I have just touched the tip of the iceberg with Lucid Dreaming. If you would like to know more or learn about other techniques then I recommend you visit the page :


10 Responses to “Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 7 – Interacting with your Succubus via Lucid Dream”

  1. Well here I go.

    Hoped you would be able to help me out.
    I’ll just give a really short resume on as why I’m attempting this.

    When I first experienced this, I had no idea what was happening. Layed in my bed when I noticed that, holy… I can’t move!

    My eyes were wide open and as you’re saying when you get unfocused or distracted you’re likely to ”wake up”.
    Well yeah I certainly woke up. Heavy breathing, paranoia, the feeling of fear and all. Took around 20 secs or so for my body to respond.

    I then started to research on the subject and felt calm again, though a bit sad. I had just wasted an amazing opportunity thanks to my lack of knowledge.

    A little week afterwards I was certain that I was about to enter this state again. I was excited and really curious as how it would be from the very beginning. I stayed calm and noticed things was happening to my senses that I had never experienced before.
    But then I remembered that the last time I became aware of all this my eyes were open. This time I couldn’t open them at all. I tried to focus on opening them and yeah, I really struggled with it… I guess it was this fact that led to me… laying there… completely awake… again.

    Yesterday this experience was beggining to unfold once again. I was completely aware of what was happening so I took it with ease.
    I tried to open my eyes with the same struggle as the second attempt. Because of my previous experiences ( Mainly the first ) I think that having your eyes open during this would be the right way to do it. Am now having doubts after this try.

    ( Excuse the wall of text, have cut a lot out just for the notice 😉 )

    So my question would be. Am I really wrong about having the eyes open? I think that I will fall asleep if I keep them closed right now you see hehe.

    My new thoughts is that you just have to stay aware, though Im afraid to, as you said ” loose myself to the dream”
    and waste yet another opportunity.

    Thanks a lot for your time and best regards 🙂

  2. My experience was similar to CasLP’s but mine happen completely by accident.

    I was laying on my bed about to passout but I kept opening and closing my eyes. I opened them probably 7-10 times before all my sorrondings just changed, i opened the final time and pitch black dark but it was clear enough to see i was in my room still. I see that my light in the hallway was still on but it was dark blueish color. I relize that facing the wrong direction as when i open my eyes the last time, before i was facing the wall and know im facing the door. My body was completely numb from head to toe i could not smell taste or feel anything normally.
    I started to freak out and panick, and soon i as that happend i saw figures in the air hovering above and then i awoken. I tried to find an explanation for happend to me that night, it was just one of those things you can’t forget!

  3. I am 27 now and have been with my succubus ( Devonair) for a good ten or so years. It has become natural to see her in my dreams and talk with her by name. We have had sex several times, but still only in my dreams- I want to take the next step with her and finally experiance her more in the real physical sence. But Im having trouble with making physical contact.
    We share a great bond in of the mind and I want it to grow.
    She has become more than just a late night mistress – as we love keeping it naughty, but she is my friend and Alie when most others backstab. She is my most trusted confidant .

    Any one know how to actually obtain a physical contact?
    And if so, can you share with me. Any web sights that go into how to break the mental and get more physical ( in real life )
    Any info on the subject will help– Thank you all

  4. Ryu kadama Says:

    i just have 1 question if i [u} summon a succubi will our soul be sealed to them ?

    did a succubi ever say the contract would be your soul is her’s ?

    reply if u can if u have time i read that u dont answer every q but u answer a few so im hoping you’ll have time to answer this question

    • If you offer your soul, then yes it will be taken. But only a fool does so. You should always be in control of the ritual

      You can technically bind a succubus to you. But I strongly discourage that, since that is akin to slavery.

  5. karohn poller Says:

    Hello Ryan, I check your blog and read all the comments over and over again almost daily. I have noticed that you haven’t really posted anything. I sent you a letter like a few weeks ago and you never sent me an email back. This is probably because I haven’t paid the 20 dollar fee but I surely am as long as I know you’re still checking this stuff you know. So, I hope to hear a response soon thanks. :]

    • Hello Karohn,

      sorry I do not answer many emails anymore since they are mostly the same. If you need help and would like to donate then sent me an E-Mail with “DONATION” in the subject line. We can then work something out

  6. When you’re having sexual intercourse with the Succubus in a Dream, does it feel the same as having sexual intercourse with a real person?

  7. Isn’t this process somehow related to creating a tulpa? I mean, the early stages when it is barely real for you and interaction can only possible come from lucid dreaming and the alikes. Just curious. I never attempted to summon an entity but am researching the subject a lot. Having researched about tulpas before I can’t help but find some similarities, especially with succubi. What are your thoughts on this?

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