Stupid questions – stupid answers

EDIT: 12 May 2013:

It seems my new rules have worked. Again if you need urgent help and are serious about the ritual you can contact me directly: . Donations are appreciated, thanks

EDIT: 2 May 2013:

Some people just do not get it. You do NOT e of the need my permissions with any of this stuff. My Guides are “Guidelines” and will not work for everyone.
For now I have enabled registration for comments. Lets see if this can root out some of the idiots that constantly bombard me with stupid questions

First of all I am still alive and well. People are asking why I do not update the site that often – well, I will update the site if there is something I want to share.

Since I receive hundreds of emails begging me for advice and answers, let me summerize some questions below:

Q: I am a christian, will I go to hell if I call a succubus?

A: If you have a strong christian faith then I suggest you DO NOT do the things mentioned here. I am not saying that a succubus is from Hell….

Q: Please help me with xxxx….xxxxx..xxxxx..

A: Use commen sense. My guides are not written in stone. They are but ONE way of doing it. You do not need to follow everything down to the letter. Use commen sense…..

Q: I am 10,11,12,13,14,15…..years old. Can I call a succubus to have sex for the first time

A: NO, I do not encourage these rituals to be used by minors!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: When will you update the site again

A: I have come to a point where I will soon have to reveal more about religon then I initially intented and am still somewhat hesitant in that aspect. A new update will come, its just a matter of jumping over my own shadow

So sorry, I know you are all expecting me to answer every single comment (over 780 unanswered comments) or E-Mails. But I just do not have the time or patience. If you are serious and commited, then sent me a small donation, we can then work on your questions.


4 Responses to “Stupid questions – stupid answers”

  1. i dont understand how some people dont understand your guides i mean u put great detail in them even i understood it and wanting to try them out but ofcourse i want to try it out couse i want to have a succub

    also u dont need to answer my last question i was reading through the comments page on some other guide u made on this blog and found that unless u dont offer it u wont lose your soul

    the comments of other people and your answer to their comments practically answered all my questions i dont have any more questions maybe in the near future if there are no comment answer on that question i hope that u can answer it for me –


    p.s their probly just trolls and or spammers

    p.s.s thank god i havent deleted my fb account

  2. I just found your site and sent you an email if you need a donation please let me know. My email will explain a bit and extremely confused right now

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