More F.A.Qs

hello everyone,

Over the last year since running this Blog I have received countless E-Mails with questions to my rituals. I have already created a small FAQ, on which I will now expand.

Q: Can I use something else then a candle?

A: The candle acts as both focus and beacon. In addition the flame of the candle can act as a great of initiating communication with your succubus. So yes a candle is required, at least at the beginning. Once you have established a link with your succubus you can use another means of focus.

Q: Is it safe?

A: I have answered this before, but this question always seems to come up. The answer is: “Its as safe as you make it”. If you are careless then it can be dangerous. You should never forget that you are in fact summoning a non-human entity. For this entity the concept of good or bad does not exist in the same way we understand it. Therefore its important for you to understand that the more preparations you make, and the better your pay attention to the details, the higher the chances of getting safe results.

Q: Is it ok to contact you with my personal experiences?

A: Yes, no problem, but please understand that I sometimes do not have enough time to answer each and every question. I believe that most questions in regards to summoning a succubus are already answered in this blog and its comments


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