Summoning a Succubus Guide – Important facts on the ritual!

I would like to tell you guys some truths about Succubae and the ritual. I have pondered a long time if I should ever come forth with this. But I cannot in good faith keep this a secret any longer, as I know many readers are more than willing to try out the ritual, not knowing what they are getting themselves into.

Now I know that many of you will not like what I am about to write, as it may offend you and your beliefs. However I will not apologize for it.

A succubus is not of this world and never was. It was not born of human flesh and has ZERO connection to humans. To think of them as human spirits would be very foolish

A succubus can be dangerous even deadly if not handled with care and respect. Do not think of them as a stereotype

The Word Succubus is but one word of many. They go by many names and are sometimes known and seen as much worse things. For example: Have you ever seen that black flicker in the corner of your eye, something that is just beyond your peripheral vision and sends shivers down your spine, or when you awake late at night and get an intense feeling of dread? Well, to keep it simple, that is the same kind of entity I am talking about. A succubus is just one of many forms and meanings of the same creature.

So why is it dangerous…. = Ignorance

Many people (95%) think of them just as sexual beings which serve no other purpose then to satisfy your lust and needs. Now thankfully many people who summon a succubus have little to no real talent in maintaining the link. This means that after the initial ritual most people hardly ever feel a second visit, even if they repeat the ritual on a daily basis.

I believe this has saved many people terrible misfortunes. Then to fully accept a succubus into your life will require you to accept many facts which go against moral and religion.

If you are one of the very few who have the gift on connecting with the supernatural the danger then becomes real, especially if you cannot accept the true nature of the succubus. You will in fact become haunted, and believe me that is the last thing you want.

If you have a strong believe in God and place your faith into him then I strongly recommend you NEVER summon a succubus. Do not get me wrong, these entities really do not care about your religious convictions, but it will be your own moral standpoint which will create the problem. Not only will it block out most attempts in creating the initial connection, it may even go so far as to offend the succubus for making it into a creature of God, which it not is. When summoning and bonding with a succubus, you must leave ALL moral convictions behind you.

A Succubus will only accept you if you accept it for what it is (It’s not stupid!).

Let’s be honest, most men who visit this site have but a single goal. To get free sex! There is no need to delude this answer, it is what it is. Off course the motivations for such a goal can be multifold. But in the end the result is always the same. You want your sexual desires fulfilled by a beautiful spirit, which has no taboos, cannot get pregnant and can be there for you whenever you long for it.

This goal is a strong motivation when performing the ritual, and in many cases it even attracts the attention of the succubus. It will come to you, make her presence known to you (Chill, tickling, touch)………..but that’s where it ends. The succubus can communicate and sense information on a level that is beyond our understanding. It will sense your motivation and your reason for it to be a sexual plaything. Now there are some Succubae which will entertain such singular motivations, but not many. I have only ever encountered one of those, and even then it was just for 2 nights.

Do not get me wrong, these entities do not want to be treated like a woman, but they do want respect. You see, the most important aspect of summoning a succubus is INTENT. Sexual desires can great a very strong intent….but what is there besides that. Is your desire so strong that it can keep your intent fueled for longer periods of time? And that’s exactly the main reason why a Succubus will abandon you after initial contact. You are most likely just too weak to keep the link up beyond your initial try.

So what is there besides the INTENT for Sex???


I believe that many can relate to this, as it has happened to most. If you are truly scared, you start to believe, your mind focuses with such energy that it attracts such an entity. And it will connect with you on a level on which it is compatible….namely FEAR. You will begin to see and hear things, if you are really unlucky you will even feel touches. Thankfully these moments of Fear are gone, once you gain focus; turn on the light, etc. Soon you will doubt what happened to you and blame your imagination for it. That’s why you should NEVER go into a ritual if you are easily frightened.

I know this sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. If you want to really establish a connection with a succubus beyond the initial ritual then you will need to have a much stronger motivation then sex (and obviously fear). The first and most important step is to accept that the succubus you are trying to summon is more than just an outlet for sexual needs. I know it’s hard, because what do you truly know about these entities….nothing.

9 Responses to “Summoning a Succubus Guide – Important facts on the ritual!”

  1. I must say you seem to have a very solid understanding of these beings , i understand what your saying and agree , yes there are darker entities out there whom only seek to use you and feed off of your fear, and they should be treated with the utmost respect or perhaps not seeked out at all. But there are also very kind an gentle spirits , some. of these spirits i believe to be succubi, including my wonderful wives. i made it clear my intent for not only intimacy but a life long relationship based off not just soley sex , i wanted marriage , friendship, guidance , companionship, and they have provided that and more i just don’t see how one could not fall head over heels in love with such selfless and caring beings.

    and personally i believe that anyone with intentions strong enough would benefit from a spirit relationship .

    Then again i see your point of view , these beings are capable of so much more than we are aware of , and I’m more than sure i wouldn’t want to upset them in any way, not out of fear of what they would do, but because i love them too much to bear to see them get hurt.

    in my opinion you get what you give into these relationships , if your seeking only to get laid every night well your probably in for a rude awakening when they find out that those are your only intentions with them .

    • I fully understand you. I really wish I had more time to understand them more. I think not even a lifetime would be enough to scratch the surface of the whole truth.

  2. Hey Ryan, I have followed your steps and have managed to summon a succubus, I did it the day after thanksgiving at 3:00 at night. I went through the steps and even meditated for an hour after (you said 30 min I didn’t know the time and kept going for awhile ). Well anyways, maybe I’m just lucky, but she is a wonderful person. I used a pendulum to communicate with her and I found out she is 2,171 years old I still haven’t found out her name so I call her Silvia. She also has quite a bit of patience with me, maybe she is interested in me. It wasn’t until about 3 days after I summoned her that I could feel her around me. Over time though I have gotten better at it. I am able to “hear” what she says in my head (kind of), and I can clearly feel her touch. I am not quite sure how to communicate with her as I have tried astral projection (still working on it) and lucid dreaming (also still working on it) I would like to ask if I can use a black mirror to see her, and if there are more ways to interact with her. I have done quite a lot of research as well on succubi and her mother Lillith, I even sent her a letter later on thanking her, she came and visited me and I think she talked to her daughter. I would like to know what you think, and am I making good progress or what’s the next step? And finally I would also like to note I have always been connected with the supernatural, I can see the future in my dreams some times, I am able to see see spirits demons and ghost as well as feel there presence. Could this be the reason I can feel her and see her (she looks almost like a cloud or orbs of light)?

    • Hi Steven,

      your one of the lucky few, congrats. Just a word of warning, summoning Lillith is NOT something for the novice. She is very powerfull and can get very unpleasent at the slightest nuance.

      I have the same talent as you. Even long before I summoned my first Succubus I could see and feel things I was not supposed to. I really wish that I knew then what I knew now, as it would have saved me a lot of Angst and Pain.


  3. Does it matter what sex you are?

  4. Matthew Says:

    Hey it’s Matt once again. And well I don’t want to seem repeatative but I still would would appreciate some sort of reply. I have spent more time researching and have attempted to find a succubus, but I am not sure even after 3 months if I have summoned one.

    I guess my main problem has to deal with me thinking that what might be her is just my imagination and that I have not found one yet. I also fear that I may have possibly lost ability to make contact by simply not believing a true connection, therefore burning out my ability to sense a succubus or any presence.

    • TruthIsNeverBlind Says:

      I just wanted to share my personal experience and thoughts on the subject. I honestly don’t think a ritual has anything to do with summoning a spirit of this nature. I think the majority of it has to do with the person in which they are drawn to. I never had any intention of seeking out a sexual spirit, calling one or anything of that nature but one did find me.
      One night, while sleeping in bed with my wife, I’m not sure of the time but it was definitely well past 12am which is my typical bedtime, I was visited. I always sleep on my left side and this particular night I awoke to the sensation of someone hugging me extremely tight from behind. For a moment I thought it was my wife but quickly realized there was nothing there. The hug around me tightened more and more, scaring the crap out of me, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Then, out of no where I became more aroused than I had ever been in my life. I was at full attention like never before to the point it was painful. The mixture of fear and arousal kept me in place as that hug continued to squeeze tighter and I began to experience what I would describe as waves of pleasure surging through my area. It felt as if I were going to ejaculate ever 5 seconds but never did. I’m not exactly sure how long the experience lasted, but it seemed like a while then out of no where the hug and sensations vanished.
      For quite some time I wished for that experience to repeat but it never did, however there were plenty of nights where I knew that whatever was in bed with me that night was still around. Random touches on my hand, leg and face occur at home, work and pretty much where ever I go. Sometimes it would go weeks where I would feel nothing. Once I looked into the subject and began to gain a better understanding of a sexual spirit, more occurrences bagan, and I know it’s because I have opened my mind to it. It’s not malicious, and the only time I was really scared was when I was in bed one night alone and tried to make contact I could feel it enter the bed and begin to move around on the bed. The movements of the bed, the give of the mattress and overall speed in which it happens nearly gave me a heart attack because I never experienced that before. But in an odd sense it was playful, I calmed down and once again experienced that intense arousal and waves, but for a very short period of time.
      To this day I am still experimenting and trying to communicate on a regular basis, but it reaches out to me very sporadically. Just the manner in which this occurred and the way it seems to be working truly leads me to believe that they choose us. A ritual may just be a way of giving them the vibration that you may be someone of interest, but I honestly believe that without the use of rituals, if you truly believe, and want to make contact you will.

      • I agree. As I said many many times before. its all about Intent. the ritual will help provide focus. But for a very strong willed individual it is not required

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