Summoning a Succubus – The letter method, revised

It has now been a few years since I posted the original Letter Method of summoning a succubus. At the time I did not did give it much thought as how this would affect people trying to perform the ritual. The result was several hundred E-Mails with questions and clarifications. I tried to answer as many as I could, but believe it would be better to revise the original Ritual in a more complete way.


This ritual is not intended for time wasters and thrill seekers. There are REAL dangers when working with spirits/entities/demons. These spirits/entities/demons can hurt you and your loved ones if you are not careful or respectful. If nothing else they can scare and haunt you for a very long time. That being said, if you are serious about your intentions and are willing to put in the time and effort it can and will be a life changing event.


This ritual needs some preparation.

  1. Know what you want:
    You have to be 100% sure of what you want well in advance. All your desires and wishes should be well formulated in your mind. This ritual is not something you do on a whim or because you feel like it. The better you are prepared, the more likely the chance of success.Start by making a list of things you expect from the succubus. No need to write a letter just bullet points are sufficient for now. The actual letter will be written during the ritual. If it’s Sex you want then be more specific on how you want it. Sex is to universal by itself.
  1. Tools
    Some tools are optional during the ritual, however these will help you intensify the ritual by adding a great deal of focus to your intent (Letter). Here is what I recommend:A candle (Optional)
    There is no specific need for a color. However if you have access to an true black candle, you should use that.You can also use a tea light if you have no candle.|If you cannot use a candle/tea light then at least use a dim light.

    A fireproof bowel
    You will use this when burning your letter. Make sure it is big enough for the whole letter. The last thing you want is your apartment burning down.

    Pricking device
    In order for this ritual to be whole you will need either Blood (Preferred) or Semen (Men only). If you have a lancet then use that. All you need are a few drops. If you want to use Semen, then you will have to masturbate during the ritual (which is very hard)

  1. Meditation
    While some people (a few) have the talent to call a succubus on the first try without the need to enable a trance it is indeed very rare. Calling a Spirit/Demon is not something you can do on the fly. It requires you to enter a space (gray zone) where you basically meet half-way. On a normal day your mind will block out all things supernatural. It’s a normal defense mechanism which needs to be lowered if you hope of calling a succubus.It’s not enough to be relaxed when performing the ritual, you need to be in a complete blank state of mind. On the verge of losing your connection to your body. You will become hyperaware of your surroundings, basically at a point where you believe you can hear the grass grow. Only then are you truly ready to call a succubus.There are many ways and techniques on Meditation (to many to list anyway). So I suggest you search google or buy a good book on Meditation.There is one site in particular which has a very good repository to spiritual meditation.

    Although the content of the site above is somewhat controversial the beginner and advanced guides to spiritual meditation are some of the best available.
    How fast you can achieve a trance depends on many things:

  •  Can you relax?
  • Can you clear you mind completely?
  • Can you let go of everything?Some few can achieve the above states in a very short time. For the rest of us it’s a matter of practice. This practice can take weeks and even months. I have to stress the fact that Meditation is the second most important aspect of the ritual. If you go into the ritual with an unprepared state you are most likely to not get any results.
  1. INTENTWhy is this in “CAPS”, because it’s the most important requirement for the ritual? Calling a succubus is not something one does because you feel like it. You must really want it. Your mind and your heart must be set on the goal. Next to Intent all other preparations are secondary.So what is Intent you ask. Is Intent – “I want a succubus for sex”, or “I want to have sex sooooo bad with a succubus?”The answer is a clear NO!!!

    Intent is the primal force of what drives our deepest desires. To really want something so bad that your whole body craves for it, and to use that craving to focus it to a fine point is the goal which needs to be achieved when calling a succubus. We will talk about Intent more when we discuss the crafting of the letter.

  1. Time and Location Over the last two years I have had to answer a lot of questions on this requirement.
  • Why does it have to be 3am
  • Can I do this with children nearby|me –There is a reason why it is preferable to perform the ritual at 3am, and it has nothing to do with the witching hour or crap like that. To emphasize:“Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel that you are suddenly hyper-aware of your surroundings. You can hear the creak of wood, the rustling of leaves from outside. You see glimpses of something in your peripheral vision.”Why?

    Simple, when you wake up late at night your subconscious mind is still very active, you see and hear things that your conscious mind would normally blank out. The longer you stay awake the more you focus. It’s the same reason most people cannot remember what they dreamed.

    What I am suggesting is that on the night of the ritual you make al preparations in advance and then go to sleep. Set your alarm for 3am and then get up and immediately perform the ritual. You will also find that meditating after waking up in the middle of night becomes very easy.

    There is also another aspect of doing this in the middle of night. Fear!

    Fear can be a great motivator. Not only does it make you very aware of your surroundings, it also adds an immense weight to your Intent when performing the ritual. So don’t be afraid of being afraid.

    Location – Any location in which you can find tranquility is good enough for the ritual to be performed.


    It is important that you do not perform the ritual around children or your loved ones. The reason being is that:

  1. Children (especially younger) are attuned more to the supernatural then others. You do not wanting your kids seeing something that will give them nightmares for the rest of their lives.Also on a serious note, if performing the ritual wrong, or if you by any chance attract the wrong kind of entity, there is a chance that your children will become the target, simply because of their sensitive nature
  2. Your loved ones can also be the target of competition or jealousy by a more demanding entity. Until you lay down the framework (and boundaries) of your new relationship, its best to perform the ritual away from your loved ones.


Let me be absolutely clear. There are significant risks involved when contacting an Entity. Many of the risks can be minimized with proper precaution and preparation, however as with many things in life, things can and will go wrong on occasion. I will list some risks now on things that I have either experienced myself or that I have witnessed and can confirm in good conscience:

  • Being haunted
    This is by far the greatest risk when getting involved with entities. Being haunted can manifest itself in many ways and intensity. The most common reason for hauntings is that the rituals are not probably closed. You cannot forget that YOU are in control when performing the ritual. It is your will (INTENT) that calls an entity and it is also your will that can sent it back away. Many people who suffer from hauntings become unaware that when they summon a succubus they also call OTHER entities which are unwelcome. So in the end you may ask your succubus to leave, but in the same instance forget to send away the other entities that where called as well.When you are being haunted, it will usually start with something small. Why? It’s because the entity needs time to attune to you. It needs you to believe in its existence. The more you realize that you are being haunted, the stronger the problems will get, up until the point that physical abuse can become possible.The psychological impact a haunting can have can be severe, especially since it will be hard for you to convince others of what is happening to you.There are certain steps which you MUST take once you believe that you have a malicious entity in your presence, but these are not part of this ritual (Topic for a future Blog post). What is important however is that you exercise the closure of the ritual TO THE POINT!
  • Burnout
    This is not the burnout that you get from work. What I am referring to is a complete loss of ability to sense the supernatural. This Risk is one the most common amongst beginners. Many people want to summon a Succubus so bad that they overstep the bounds of what their mind and body are capable of. The old saying of “Biting of more than you can chew” applies here.The way this Burnout manifests itself is that the first result is very intense and strong. And instead of taking it slow, the person then loses himself in it. After the first initial session the person is then left a husk. He will not be able to duplicate the results ever again.I have received so many comments and emails in this regards, where people tell me that the ritual was a success, but subsequent tries to contact an entity resulted in failure. While this burnout usually marks the end for a person to summon an entity, it is not impossible to recover from this state over time. It does however require a great deal of determination and focus.

A Note on Religion

I have had many people asking me if it’s ok to summon a succubus if you are a practicing Christian. The short answer is NO, while the correct answer would be “Yes, if you can handle going against your Religion”. When you look at all the material made available through the church in regards to summoning an entity it quickly becomes clear that your God does not want you dabbling with any other supernatural being other than himself. Calling Demons/Ghosts/Entities/Spirits is against everything the bible teaches, and therefore is considered an act against God.

Now I am not here on lecturing people on what and what not to do. I am also not going to start a debate on what exactly Succubae are, as that is something everyone needs to find out for themselves. Just do not ask me you can summon an entity to clear your consciousness.

The Ritual

Once all preparations are done, you can then perform the ritual. If at any stage you are still uncertain in commencing with this act, then STOP!!! Right now. You can nothing but trouble if pushing forward without really wanting this to happen.

The ritual itself is very simple in its nature. You will make a plea to Lilith, mother of Succubae, and ask her to send one of her daughters forth to meet you. It is important to never call a succubus directly as that will invite a lot of trouble. Later on, once you have established contact with the Succubus, you can directly call her.


I take no responsibility whatsoever for the results of this ritual. I have written this guide for educational purposes only.

You should choose an appropriate date for the ritual, preferably a weekend or a day where you can sleep in the following day. I will continue under the presumption that you will perform this ritual at 3am in the morning. As stated above you are off course allowed to modify the time as you see fit

You should prepare all of your materials in advance so that you can begin once you wake up.

The Letter

Once you settle down for the ritual the first thing you need to do is prepare the Letter. This letter will become your focus infused with your pure intent. Now there are many ways on how to write such a letter, and I believe that many would like to be as creative and elaborate as possible. The truth however is that it is much more simple and harder at the same time. This is not a contest on creative writing, nor is it important on how the letter is formatted. What is important is that the letter is handwritten, and NO, this letter does not need to be written in blood!

Many people suffer from writers block, and hope that I will prepare a copy/paste solution on this blog. This will not happen, as it will not be from you.

So how do you begin…?

There is a reason why you want to summon a succubus, a deep desire that you want fulfilled. Be that companionship or even sex. Your reason will be your fuel for this letter. And you have to write down your desire in its most primal form as possible. You should NOT hold a thing back. Your deepest darkest fantasies and desires should be written down. It does not matter what is wrong/right or holy/unholy.

I will provide a few examples below. These examples however should not be used in your ritual. They are meant to give you an idea on how to write this letter.

Example 1 begins:

I cannot wait no more, each day and night I desire it. I want to tear of your clothes, burrow my hands in your flesh and take you hard. I want your hot breath on me, your pain and lust. I WANT YOUR LUST, YOUR DRIVE. Your will please me, your will fuck me, you will do what I want. Taste you, your sweet juices, I want you. Your eyes, your eyes will burn into my soul. Your skin as soft as silk, turning red as I whip you. I want you to cry in passion, scream my name as I take you over and over again. You will submit to me and no other. I NEED YOU, MY BODY CRAVES FOR YOU!!!!!!!

Example 1 ends

As you can see, there is really no coherence in the above paragraph. For a casual reader it with come off as a BDSM fanatic with poor grammar skills. However for the succubus this letter is pure intent. Each word you write in passion makes your beacon so much brighter for the succubus to find you.

You have to be passionate about your letter, it needs to contain your emotion and needs.

Want, scream and cry when you write your letter. The more emotion you show during your writing the more powerful the letter will be. Pour your heart and soul into each and every word. Your letter can be a few lines or a few pages. As long as your intent is strong and you are true to yourself the result will be the same.

After writing your letter you will need to speak the following words. Be clear and put all of your intent into each word. MEAN IT!!!!!!!!

“Lilith, Mother of Succubae, I call upon you. I beckon you to hear me and accept my plea. My name is <first name> <given name>. I ask of you to hear my will!

Accept my desires, which I will seal with my blood. Send me your Daughter, send her to me in haste, and let my Desire and life’s blood be her beacon.”

After saying those words you must immediately prick yourself and let a few drops of blood soak into the letter. Afterwards burn the letter in the prepared bowel.

DO NOT WAIT TO LONG! It’s important that you consecrate the ritual with your blood as fast as possible.

Once the paper is burning you need to relax and open your mind. Try to clear all thoughts.

The Encounter

Over the last 6 years I have helped a lot of people summon a succubus. I would say in over 80% the result is immediate. And with that I mean, that by the time you burn your letter you will have your first encounter.

Things you can expect (Common):

  • A wind on your cheeks
    You will feel a cool soft wind on your skin. This will happen even if all windows are closed. It will be very faint, but the cool temperature of the sensation will indicate a presence. This means the Entity is in very close proximity to you (0-2 feet). Depending on where you feel the sensation you can locate her.
  • A pressure on your chest
    This feels like someone is pressing a pillow against your chest. It’s not uncomfortable but can be distressing if you’re not familiar with it. This means that the entity is actually attached to you. The reason why you feel this pressure in your chest is because your lungs are the only thing which is expanding and the resistance caused by the entity feels like you’re in a soft hug.
  • Soft touch
    This is not like a regular touch. The feeling is best compared as if someone is barely touch you with his fingertips. Especially if you have body hair the feeling can be very strong.
  • Mild to strong sexual arousal
    First of all forget all things you know about sex. This will not initially be a physical experience the way you know it. The sensation you will get is MUCH MORE intense. The feeling is very hard to describe. But it will begin with a vibration coming from inside you. Your breathing will automatically get heavy. You will feel a strong sensation near your prostate (men only) and it will be like a 0-100 orgasm only that it will not stop. It is actually rare that you ejaculate during this experience, but it can happen. Most people however freak out by the flurry of sensations caused by this arousal since it’s something new. It is IMPORTANT that you let this happen. If you block yourself at this early stage, you might not be able to ever call her again.Things you can expect (Rare)
  • Manifestation
    It took me nearly 4 years until I first saw a succubus before me in a complete wake state. That being said, it does happen on occasion that a succubus manifests herself for people performing the ritual for the first time. This is usually a very good sign. However this will in almost certain terms, scare the living hell out of you. Why? Because no matter how good you prepare yourself for the ritual, seeing something supernatural in person activates sub conscious survival reflexes. If you are one of the few that will see a glimpse (usually a hazy form with a clear face), you have to try to remain calm.
  • Kinetic activity
    Do not expect flying cups and shaking picture. What you can expect are small things, like a moving pen or a flickering flame. In regards to the flame, you might see your candle burning very intensely

One thing that is true with an encounter is that time seems to move much faster. You might think that 5 minutes passed, but in truth 2 hours have gone bye. I have no explanation for this, but it’s nothing to be alarmed of

Like I mentioned above you need to let these sensations happen to you. Relax and enjoy these new feelings.

Closing the Ritual

Once you feel the time is right (You will know), it’s important to close the ritual. I have already elaborated about the inherent dangers of the ritual in a previous chapter, so it’s important to make sure that ALL spirits, save your succubus leave. I would recommend to use the following incantation as stated, as this has worked for me and many other in the past:

” I thank you daughter of Lilith for coming to me. I welcome you into my life and into my dreams and ask all other spirits, demons and entities who have been attracted to my ritual to be gone and leave in peace.”

Post Ritual considerations

It’s important that although there is a high chance of success for this ritual to work, there is a chance that it might not. What’s important here is to not get discouraged. The most common reason for this is not enough preparation when it comes to meditation and emptying your mind. If you take it slow and exercise patience then it will work one day.

Once the initial contact is established there is NO NEED to repeat the ritual. The bond is made and it’s up to you to keep the link alive or not.

This marks the end of the ritual. I will write a revised guide on communicating with your bonded succubus soon. Please feel free to leave comments below. But please refrain from asking questions that have already been answered here or elsewhere on this site.

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    • I know what you mean about the e-mail situation.I get those too.With me though the sex was a gradual increase to the point i could feel her wetness and weight.It’s gotten to the point where i can reach out and touch her (yes i’m serious).I can smell her flowery scent too but it’s rare though.That breeze thing didn’t happen at the beginning but it did earlier this year as well.

  1. Saksham Gaur Says:

    did not work. maybe i took too much time in pricking myself. 4-5 minutes tops. i tried to reach the trance state but that never came. I really really really need to do this my friend. please help me out

    • Like I said, this is not something that will work if you do not put the effort into it. You mentioned it yourself that you did not achieve a trance state. Its important that you prepare yourself for the ritual. Take your time and try again when you are better prepared

      • i have fire alarms in my buildng. how do i burn the letter in the bowl, wont the smoke set it off? Or is it possible i could cover the bowl after placing the burning letter in it so the smoke wont release? Please help.

      • Why not burn the paper outside the house?

  2. You know i don’t think i was in a trance when my lady spirit came but then again a long time ago i tried something by calling out to any female spirit and i got an answer that night.I tried it again a few years later and another answer came.So in essence i think i did what you say here in your blog but without realising it but without all the ritual trappings.My mothers side of the family used to practice magick so i may have inherited that ability to call spirits to me but that ability isn’t fully formed.Is it possible to inherit an ability like that through some kind of generational line even if the family doesn’t do magick anymore?I did do the earlier letter method to Lillith but honestly i think my lady spirit has always been there just waiting and the letter method ritual was just icing on the cake for her sealing the deal in a manner of speaking.

  3. sarsorasaga Says:

    If I am seeking only knowledge, should I reach out to Lilith for this? I do not wish to offend her.

  4. Well done, it’s very detailed, you made a good job writing this.

    By the way i don’t know if it is a good thing to write down something like “You will submit to me and no other” because it could be saw in an incorrect way, but i may be wrong.

    • Its a matter of view. If you have more BDSM like desires this can fit. Its an example after all. I think I will add a few more examples later on

  5. Great work thanks for step by step info but wont the whopping ass and other bdsm things be considered as an insult to succubus also there is this guy Eric Vonroth who’s method says that u lay on back spread ur legs 45degress nd imagine ur succubus fucking does it work? Because his methods seems pretty easy( I signed up for his free trial while you were preparing this revised method couldn’t wait for it lol) and thanks for awesome guide dude i will try it once i learn how to attain trance state though

    • Forgot your morals. A succubus has ZERO morals, in fact it will adapt to yours more likely. In regards to Eric Vonroth…. he lures people to his paysite by telling everyone thats easy as 123 to summon a succubus. I actually made this die 2 years ago to provide this info free of charge.

  6. As I read what you share here, the message is clear to me. That if you want this entity in your life, you must have the desire and intent for her/him to be immensely true and full. I spent days before I even thought about initiating a ritual and a result came. Although I did change it up quite a bit. I caused the whole thing to be slower in a sense, but I am happy and always patient with others

  7. I was reading your older posts and you said that succubi are not spiritual sex toys and it’s not a blog for people who want just want sex. Is this still true? And do you remember the web page about this guy called himself allure . It was a long time ago can’t seem to find the page.

  8. I really want to do this but I am afraid to do so. Because of all that warnings you gave.. what if something went wrong 😦 what should I do?

    • Take your time and go slow. There is no need to rush into ritual. I will make a post in the coming months about dealing with failed rituals

  9. Is it possible to do this ritual with 1 other person? And would it be a problem if the person who executes the ritual is slightly underaged?

  10. c0ld451c3 Says:

    I’ve followed your method and it worked, although I’m having diffculties in terms of strengthening the bond between us. Could you please clarify what I should do further in order to reach something beyond far from the stage I’m on?

  11. greenflamegamer Says:

    So if we use semen rather than blood, do we replace the word blood for semen in, “let my desires and lifes blood be her beacon?”

  12. do i have to specify what i want her to look like

  13. VStella Says:

    I have been reading Donald Tyson’s books for a while now, though very detailed in his writings, there was not much information given about these spirits, i’ve looked online but what i found was mostly nonsense written by people who clearly have never had any real interactions with a succubus or websites trying to get money..
    So after reading several posts on you website i decided to give the letter method a try ( since it was different from Tysons methods which in fact are detailed guides to summoning a succubus, but for the sake of acquiring sexual fluids used in his magical works).
    Before i even had the chance to begin the ritual, she came to me on her own, all of the expectations you have listed above are true, i even felt her touch on a few occasions, the sexual arousal was not very mild, it was pretty intense, the feeling could best be described as getting a very good blowjob, tho it felt different from physical intercourse.
    I think she gave me a hint of her name but i am not completely sure, since i cannot seem to hear her yet (i mean mentally), tho when i try talking to her, the feelings intensify greatly.
    Any tips on what i can do to strenghten my bond with her, in means of communication?

  14. Hey, just wanted to ask you one question. Just some days ago, I tried summoning a succubus with your letter method. After completing that I went to meditate then I began to feel my chest tightening, my arm muscles became very tensed but I felt no touches. So, after sometime I closed the ritual and went to sleep. Since that day, I can feel that somebody is around me most of the time and sometimes that chest tightening again returns but nothing more than that. So, I wanted to ask you if this is my mind playing tricks with me or the doing of a succubus? If this is the doing of a succubus, then how can I communicate with her?

    • Its not your mind playing tricks on you. At this stage you really need to accept the fact that you have established contact. The best way to reach out for her is for you to meditate and clear your mind, this way it will become easier for you to communicate with her.

  15. Hey today I did perform the ritual and man its ducking true I did feel a strong sensation up my chest and my whole body was shivering I had friend with me who also performed the ritual and yet he got so scared that we had to stop the ritual after seeing the candle burn sparks as we said her to show some evidence on the candle that she is there.. He was so afraid that we had to close the ritual and when I was wrong back to home 5 black cats crossed the roads and I could feel as if I could talk to her she wanted me toclose my eyes as soon as possible but when I got home I dozed off so I again today will perform the ritual at midnight can I believe. I really want her to feel me

    • Its understandable that it might be scary the first time. It is after all a supernatural experience. Just be careful to always close the ritual in the correct form and you should be fine

  16. Travis Red Says:

    i achieved it without a ritual, it’s been like a week. pretty awesome but still no vocal communication, any tips?

  17. how do i improve telepathy? Ive been feeling her for a week now

    • There will be a blog post about this soon

      • Hey, this article is very descriptive . I am a little afraid of what might happen if it goes wrong. When you said ‘physically hurt’ what does that mean? and if you are a Christian, but want to do this, can you choose to become sort of… un-Christian for the time you want and then … re-become Christian?? I know it sounds silly but I’m quite afraid. I don’t want to go against God, but I’m curious to see what this ritual will do.

        Another question… when you un-do the ritual, are you positive that ALL the ‘entities’ will completely leave along with the succubus??

        I’ve also read that in most cases, the succubus ‘takes over’ and can assault you and/or the people around you (loved ones, friends, etc.) is that the case?

        Also, when the succubus is summoned, can you control when she comes and goes? and what are some things that can offend the Mother or the succubus??

        Sorry for all the questions, please reply when possible!!
        Thank you!

      • As a rule of thumb, I always discourage Christians on doing this ritual since its a conflict with their beliefs. You cannot undo something like religion.

        You do not undo the ritual, you close it. A ritual can never be undone. And in regard to all entities leaving in the end depends on how you formulate the closing and your willpower.

  18. I’m been researching this knowledge for 3 months like a book worm, even a tried few attempts I think it was a success I did hear someone calling my name right when I woke up an unknown female voice, but here are some website from my findings and all the information you have given has been very useful thank for your hard work. I fusioned some of them together. Like your letter method with opening and closing with sigils below and pentagram.
    And downloaded though pirate bay and torrents of(Donald Tyson Books) and (Esoteric Library) and compared notes.

  19. Hello

    Do you talk to her a lot can you see her or only every now and then

  20. jericho smith Says:

    I am going to attempt this in a few nights after a bit more practice entering a trance I wanted to know when u talk to her do u do it telepathic and same for when she talks to u or do u talk to her out loud?

    • It really helps talking out loud intially. If you are talking in your head its really hard to separate your voice from hers. Once you established a more firm band you will find that it will be easier to talk to her in your mind.

  21. Michelle Says:

    Over the past year or so, I look up summoning methods every now and then. This is definitely the best account I’ve read, and I’d really like to try it. However, your method seems to focus on succubi only. Is there another ritual to summon an incubus? I’m hoping to find a male instead of a female.

    • Dear Michelle,

      there really is no difference between an Succubus and Incubus. The entity can take both male and female forms (or a mix of both). Just substitute the parts in the letter to your liking.

  22. Yuri Andrade Says:

    you did a really great job writing this, but a got two question for you, just hope they are not stupid..

    first, you see, my actual language is Portuguese, and i wold like to know if a should say the ritual for Lilith in Portuguese or English and if i can say it em portuguese it wold be really nice if you could tell me if there’s any specific way to say it (the last thing a want is to sound disrespectful)

    second, is just for curiosity but i wold like to know if there’s any consequence by successfully summoning the Succubae, far as i know about spirits/entities summoning then is more of a “trade” then anything, like you want something from the spirit but the spirit also want something from you, if so it is something specific ? or it really depends of one’s intend like you said ?

    well maybe i just don’t know shit, but anyway sorry if my questions are stupid and really thank’s for the guide 😀

    • Well I do not know portugese but I think it would be ok to call her Lilith there as well. So far I have never heard any compliants or problems from people performing the ritual in another language.

      Intent is the major aspect of it. These entitys want to communicate and want a connection with a mortal soul. I have never given something in trade value to the spirits I called, at least nothing that I was aware of. The stories about these spirits stealing your life force /soul are just church propaganda, so just ignore that

  23. Hi, I just would like to ask a few questions.
    I have considered doing this ritual for months, and I have a strong intent. But I believe I may require more meditation, I don’t want to lose my talents,
    Recently I asked Satan(I am a Satanist) if he could reveal my guardian demon to me. Almost instantly it hit me. I felt a great energy come over me, and it felt as if the demon put itself inside me,
    Soon after, it hugged me lightly.
    This was an amazing experience. I want to do this ritual, but I do not want to lose my talents. Do you Have any suggestions?
    Thanks 🙂

  24. I wanna try ,i’m from Romania ,so if i try to call a succubbus in my romanian language it’s ok?I relly need her in my life.I think will be great .Sorry for my bad english.

  25. Hi all.
    The state you want is called the hypnagotic state. Its a state between being awake and sleep. In neurological terms, your brain doing thetawaves.

    I would advise you combine this with chakra meditation. Energy work is an important part. (Even this has pitfalls, so read up closley. I.E. dont open the heart chakra or the ajna chakra alone. Always both together.)

    I would take a sitting positing. If you want to lie down, pick a unique position. You will, in time, condition your body to calm down when you are in that position. You dont want that to be mixed up with sleeping.

    I would advise so sleep and meditate with the head to the magnetic north. For some reason magnetic fields are affecting astral space, dont ask me why but that is how it is.

    Last but not least. Curiosoty kills the cat. You should heed Ryans words of caution.

    A succubus is basically a psychic vampire. A pleasant one, I grant you that but it feeds on you.

    Personally I dont see any issues with the matter as such. What gives me real tootache is the fact, that a lot of people seem to know absolutly nothing about metaphysical laws, so to speak.

    Having a strong desire will help you in this but a succubus will be not the only astral being, which might be attracted.
    Or as Niezsche put it
    “If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss will stare back at you”

    Well, good luck.

  26. This is me GC2001. This is on my actual account. I didn’t realize I needed an account. Just so if anyone goes “Hey, he just stoll his post”…It’s me. This is what i actually posted though. So reply to this one please. Even look at the time stamp, and the similarty of the username.
    I have a few questions and things to say. Sorry in advanced if it gets long, with things I need answers for. If your not really good with memory you might want to keep some notes(sorry if anyone gets offended but even i’m horrible with memory)
    I am apart of the goth culture.My mom’s sides of the family is sensitive to spirits, and i’ve come into contact with a few in my short amount of time too(even a couple demons, and no i did NOT summon them). So I think that will help with the ritual(if i’m wrong let me know please). I think I have some sort of “Demon Blood” in me considering how I show characteristics of a cambion, and my dad’s father was apparently a royal bastard from all the stories I heard, so he could have been a cambion or near the beginning of the generation of that bloodline. Me being a cambion IS NOT A POSITIVE. I have not proved it(but if anyone has an any knowledge of an real test I wouldn’t mind, but it’s not necessary. Plus my uncle has an angelic power. So ya never know). Me and my parents don’t practice it, but we are considered Christian.

    I DON’T want a succubus JUST for sex, I want one for MORE THAN SEX. A RELATIONSHIP that’ll last for a VERY LONG time with someone I can love.

    Q01- This is kind of the true decider if I do this ritual, I recently turned 16 in September as of 2017. Am I able to do the ritual, and if there is an age requirement, what is that age? Even if I am underaged I would still want the rest for the future.

    Q02- We have crosses around the house and right outside my bedroom door, none hung up IN my room, but a laying pile of a couple in my desk, will that effect anything?

    Q03- At any point in my connection with a Demon Lover(I prefer DL instead of succubus, to me it sounds more respectful than what people think of when they hear “succubus” that kills and makes mixed offsprings) will I be able to see and/or communicate with her like it would be as a human to human type of thing?

    Q04- IF Q03 IS possible, will anyone else be able to see and/or communicate with her?

    Q05- (ties in with Q06) How will I be able to get her Sigil without offending her(if asking for it does)?

    Q06- Depending on the connection/power the DL has from our time together, will I be able to “summon” her again upon a thought or calling her name?

    Q06- This letter method, is it for a true bond for years, or is it for a one-night-stand?

    Q07- I watch a lot of anime, and I have a dakimakura(a body pillow case that generaly has a hot/sexy character from a game or show that you put on a body pillowI(I think they are all japaneese characters)) that I use every night to help with my back, ever since that I never used a traditional pillow since(and it works)……. Will the pillow stop anything, or make the DL just feel weird(or maybe use it to make things more kinky😜)?

    Q07-If I want a condition like”I want atleast X amount of hour of sex a week”(pry sounds extreme for a 16year old boy but it’s the only EXAMPLE other guys could relate to a lot no matter what their age is, that I could think of)… How would I make a condition?

    Q08- When I go to summon a DL is there a way to “customize” that DL, or does she base her looks on what I want for her looks by somehow going into my mind and using those thoughts?

    Q09- Do those succubus summoning videos on youtube with the bineral beats help with the ritual, or are they a ritual themselves?

    Q10- I don’t want to come off like I self mutilate, but instead of a pin((WHICH I DON’T HAVE IN THIS HOUSE)pry sounds iffy but I just got interst in knives… I’m a collecter)) can I just take one of my knives and cut my thumb instead?

    Q11- (ties into Q10) Within reason, but can the knife be in any condion CLEANED. Since i’m a hunter I might use one of my hunting knives. But would I need to use like a cleansing ritual to the It pry sounds stupid but I dont want the mistake of my soul binding with the soul of a deer.LOL
    Q12- (I doubt it will, but you never know)If things end up dying out in the relationship, how can it be spiced up… Do I just ask the DL to do something different?

    Q13- (Goes back to the cambion thing, which has a sensitivity to brightness AND the cold…Which I have BTW) Can I ask the DL for some heat and/or a brightness dimming effect/feeling?

    Q14- (ties with Q12) If it’s possible, will it effect her and/or her energy?

    Q15- If a big muscular guy lifted something up, it would be what he could do, but if a dinky smuck tried to lift it up, he wouldn’t be able to.So if or when the DL gets strong enough, would she be able to move/ touch human objects within reason, of her looks that is?

    Q16- This is pry a geekish question, but i’m just interested. How would a succubus torture you, would it be nightmares(to where if you die in the dream, you die in real life) like the video game called “Catherine”(which involves a succubus named Catherine)?

    Q17- I’m different. I got the leader instincts but I don’t force people to be like me, and i’m not a follower either. I do my own thing, I only got 2 really good friends, which all you need is the one, and i’m not really that sociable either… My own path, my own way. So if i’m the only person to take a cirten “path” in life, as long as I treat her with respect, will she follow me through and through?

    Again, sorry if it’s long, as well as some spelling mistakes. I don’t have spell check enabled on my phone. Also, again, even if i’m underaged righr now or just on the edge of it to where it might work, i still need the other answers if you could. Please and Thank you

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