Interview with the Lore Brothers

Hello everyone,

So its been nearly two years since I “closed” this blog. Tonight i had a great Interview with Ian from the Lore Brothers. They will post the interview with me in the near future. You guys should really check out their Youtube channel below.

Youtube Channel – The Lore brothers

I am also opening back comments to this blog. I cannot promise that I will answer all comments, but I will do my best



2 Responses to “Interview with the Lore Brothers”

  1. Hello brother. I sent you am email with some doubts i have. I just now noticed that you opened the blog again not so long ago. I would appreciate if you checked the email, and i want to already thank you for this blog, it feels like my life suddenly is getting better.

  2. Hi, thanks for showing some sign of life! A lot of people were left wondering what happened after you closed down. We tried gathering some people from your forum to keep the community going, but it turned out not many actually knew each other outside of the forum.
    It’s not very active, but if that’s ok I’ll leave the link here:

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