Forum 2.0 (coming soon)

Hello everyone,

so I think it would be best if I opened up another official forum. It will help with all the question/answers anyway. There is so much more content that I want to add which I never got around to posting here on the blog. I also want to host Skype sessions as well, like I did in the old forum. I hope I can keep the spammers out this time, since this was one of the main reasons for closing the first forum. If you guys have any ideas on which forum software I should use which will help with this nasty side effect, please leave a message in the comments.

Since wordpress charges 300$!!!!!! per year for the business plan which includes the ability of adding a forum directly to the blog I have decided to create my own domain again and use a third party hoster for only 10% of the wordpress cost. Now unfortunately someone already took my old domain name, so I will get a new one. I already have one bookmarked, and it will be easy to remember

I will setup the domain and forum in about 2 weeks time, so stay tuned.

PS: I am going to be posting an update to the letter method soon. A lot of things have changed and have been refined. This will come at the same time as the new forum goes live.


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