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What happenes when you call the wrong Spirit – A personal Experience

Posted in Experience with tags on February 9, 2012 by ryan2k

Besides telling this story my best friend I have never talked about this incident. But I think its important that I explain to you what can happen if you screw up and bad things start to happen.

It happened nearly 20 years ago when I was just 17 years old. At that time I had a strange fascination with the occult. I was misled by books and friends and began tinkering in all kinds of rituals and spells. Most if not all of it was just another excuse to get some nice goth girls into bed (which did not work btw)

It was a night like so many before. My parents where both out working late and I was at home bored. So I decided to create my own ouiji board. A Piece of carboard and a black marker. I never ever used one before and I was feeling particular cocky that night. I did the usual, calling spirits, asking if a spirit was present, bla bla.

Needless to say nothing happened. But then instead of just putting the board aside I got angry. I became furious and starting cursing and demanding that a spirit show. I let all my anger flow through the board and thats when I did it. I dared a spirit to come. I challenged a spirit to show itself. And then as my final show of frustration I tore up the board and threw it in the trash.

I was so intent, fueled by anger that the effect was immediate. The room went silent, all sounds drained out, and I started to shiver. It became very cold for me. A feeling of immesne dread overcame me. Something was watching me, and something was very near to me.

Instead of running away, I became chickenshit scared and hid under the blanket in my room. The bed in my room had one side facing the wall. I pulled the blanket over my head and hugged the wall. I then felt the matress give in to weight near my feet. I was freezing under my blanket. Something then moved upward towards my back. And then the most horrible thing happened. It touched me.

Just a simple prick with a finger on my back. But strong enough to push my back forward. And another push, and again. I was stunned in fear, I could not scream and my heart felt like it would explode.

I knew that if I would turn around in that instant and look in the direction where the push came from, that I would see something. But I did not have the courage. After the pushing I heard a laugh, a high pitched almost insane laugh. Then the cold disapated. I stayed in bed shaking until my parents came home a few hours later.

I did not tell them what happened.

Then for the next 3 years every night, no matter where I slept I heard a scratching sound coming from the ceiling. It would always start at exact the same time I went to bed and continue for 10-15 minutes.

And then one day it suddenly stopped.

What I am trying to say here is that Intend can be very powerfull. And I am certain that my anger outbreak along with my challenge called a spirit that teased me. Now 20 years later after numerous encounters with spirits I can say that I actually got very lucky that night, because there are things out there that do more then push you with a finger.

Be very carefull when using Intent

My first real encounter

Posted in Experience with tags , on February 7, 2012 by ryan2k

I believe that many people who have tried calling a succubus have had a hard time telling if they where succussfull. They might have felt a surge of cold air, or a tickling sensation in one of there feet. But perhaps it was just your mind playing tricks on you. What would it take for you to firmly believe that you have been visited by a succubus?

Let me tell you my story on what convinced me 100% without a doubt

It was a night like any other. Before going to bed I usually meditate for 15-30 minutes, I do this to clear my mind so that I can get a good nights sleep. I had in the past tried to call a succubus, but always with questionable results. Nothing that would convince me that something really came.

At this particular night in February 20010 I had made no special preperations. No spells or rituals. Just simple breath exercises and a blank mind.

It happened suddenly and without forewarning. My chest tightend. I felt as if I was jolted by electricity. A sensation that started in my chest and spread out to my abdomen. The sensation was so strong that at first I thought I was fiercly hugged. But I opened my eyes and saw nothing. I decided to lay down and relax. The next thing I felt was a gentle touch on both my legs which slided upwards. Not just a breeze but a real touch. I could feel fingers below my pyjamas. My legs parted and felt as if they where floating on air.

The next thing I felt I can only describe as the most intense sexual feeling that I ever had. It was like a pulse vibrated throughout my own body. So strong that I actually moaned in ectasy. And it did not stop. The feeling of hands over my body. The erotic spasms, and a preasure on my legs that felt as if someone was sitting on them.

At the height of my pleasure I actually saw a very hazy shape over me. Although i could not see a distinct form, I could feel that it was female in nature.

I had often asked the question in the past “What is your name”. And I would get all kinds of names in my head. But I was always pretty sure that it was just my imagination. But when I asked that night, I got a clear name, so alien to the thoughts of my own mind that it was clear that it was not my own mind playing tricks.

I remember going to bed at 10pm. The next thing I knew it was almost 2am. It felt like 10 minutes for me.

This was my first real encounter with a “Succubus”, and I can say that my life forever changed after this first encounter