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Hello everyone,

first of all I want to say thank you for all the E-Mail I received. I understand that it can be frustrating when nothing happens the first time, but then again you should see this as a challenge. Is your Intent strong enough to achieve your goal.

I could list at least 5 other methods which you could use to summon a succubus (perhaps I will later on), But let me now summerize some answers to the most commen questions I received

Q: The ritual did not work for <enter reason>

A: If I could answer this question for everyone, then I guess I could become a prophet. Fact is that it will not work for some people. Most howewer can achieve success when using proper Intent. The goal here is to believe that you will succeed. Continue your meditation and learn to focus

Q: Is it dangerous

A: Yes, simply put it is. You are dealing with something you cannot explain. Something you cannot grasp, and in fact are pretty much at the mercy of if you piss it off. Also while perfoming a ritual you are more likely to attract other spirits / Entitys / Demons which are very keen on contacting you and even masqerading as a Succubus. I know you might feel why am I trying to scare you away. Well, I just want to warn you that I cannot give you any qaruntee that your ritual will be safe. All I can do is give advice on what kind of precations you should take in advance and how you should end your ritual.

EDIT: Here is some personal advice I recommend YOU NEVER EVER DO. After you complete a ritual, especially a longer one where you where in a deep trance for over 30 minutes. Never look in a mirror and concentrate on yourself. I cannot attest if this will happen to you, but what I have seen in the reflection is horrible enough for a grown man to piss himself. I will not go into details, as this is one of those things that I want to forget.

Q: Can the Succubus manifest

A: Yes, but it will take time. Before you can actually start to really feel her your bond will need be deep. In my case it took me nearly 9 months before I actually felt her for the first time. Also be warned that although you might think that you are making love to a women you will be surprised that this bill does not fit to succubi and their appearence to you

Q: Can you help me perform the Ritual or give me personal advice

A: Due to the ammount of E-Mails I have received I amno longer able to offer this service for free.

Summoning a Succubus Guide: Step 4 – The letter method

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This ritual has been revised. Please read the new ritual here

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I have received a lot of E-Mails asking if there was any quick way of summoning a succubus. Well the answer is YES, however I do not recommend it.

So today I would like to elaborate on a popular Website that  outlines a summoning ritual

Basically what Endure is trying to tell is correct, however he does not go into greater detail, resulting in most people performing the ritual the wrong way.

Before I begin I would like to REMIND everyone who tries this, that I do not recommend this method as it a very potent and direct way in calling a succubus. I always believe (from experience) that taking it slow is better. And if you have no experience with the supernatural you may be overwelmed and burn away any talent you have. There are many ways in summoning a succubus, so choose with caution!!

Ok so now that the warning is out of the way lets get started.

Materials you need: Candle (Any Color, any kind except tealights), Paper, Pen, Needle

Location: A place where you are alone and undisturbed, if you have children sleeping nearby then DO NOT DO THIS IN YOUR APPARTMENT!!!!!!

Time: Endure recommends 3am. I can concure to this. Its not about the veil thinning between realities. However I have noticed that if i go to bed say at 9pm and get up at 3am I am much more aware and keen to my surroundings, and find it easier to get into a trance state

Conducting the ritual: Make sure you are in a comfortable position (prefarbly sitting). Clear your mind and start formulating what you want in your mind.

You will start this letter by adressing Lillith. Now I will not eloborate on titles since it is a matter of belief. However you should always adress her with the highest ammount of respect. Never use words /sentances like:

I command you | Obey me | I order you | etc

Respect, respect, respect for example

Great Lillith, I seek your blessing, I ask a favour of you if it please you, etc

Right your thoughts to paper. This is NOT a essay so no need to watch out for grammer or spelling. Write what you are thinking. The first few sentances will be normal but try to let go and write what you really want from your heart. Do not think about it, just write. Repeat things you want as many times as you want. There is no set limit as how much you should write. Only when you feel that all your wishes have been expressed in full then its time to end the letter by once again adressing Lillith and thanking her for considering your request.

End the letter with the following sentance:

“All these words are my hearts desire, I mean them truthfully and swear to them in name and blood.”

Sign the paper in your full birth name and then prick your finger with the needle and let one drop of blood soak into the paper.

NOTE: I cannot stress enough how important it is to really want this to work. If you are doing this just for the sake of seeing what happens then DON’T. Intent is everything

After you have finished with your letter, lay it infront of the candle and begin to meditate. Take your time and concentrate on everything you wrote. Focus your desire on the letter. Once you feel you are ready then say the following

Lillith, please receive this offering. I give it truthfull and willingly.

Burn the paper without folding it. While it is burning say:

“May the light of this candle burn brightly and guide your daughter to me”.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you leave the candle burning for at least another 30 minutes. Relax yourself and clear your mind.

Things to expect: The effect can be (and mostly is) immediate. You will feel small gusts of cold air brush your cheeks. A tingling on your skin that feels as if your hairs have been gently touched. Depending on how sincere you where and your overall ability you might feel a tightness in your chest as if your breast is pinched. It is PARAMOUNT that you let this happen without breaking your meditation. You will feel arroused and your breathing will become faster.

At some stage your arrousal will become so strong that you will loose concentration. If that is the case then say the following

” I thank you daughter of Lillith for coming to me. I welcome you into my life and into my dreams and ask all other spirits, demons and  entities who have been attracted to my ritual to begone and leave in peace.”

Blow out the candle and then go to bed.

If you felt something during the ritual you will feel it starting up again. Relax, lay on your back and let it happen. How far you take it depends on how far you can relax. It will be different then being with a real women. You will not see her, nor will you feel her skin or body. She however can touch you and interact with you.

Do not push it. If you feel that you cannot experience more then just her touching you then accept it and anticipate your next encounter.

to be continued…

Update: I am still away

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Sorry for not updating the Blog yet, I am overseas and have had little time to sit down and write another entry. I will be back shortly and continue, thanks for your patience.

Recommended Reading

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If you are actually searching for good material on summoning a succubus, you will find that there is virtually nothing available on the open market. You may find links to a PDF book on how to summon a succubus in 7 steps or an amazon E-Book, but trust me, your better off investing your money elsewhere.

When you break it down there are only a handfull of books which deal with the subject matter at hand.

First and foremost a book I can truly recommend is:

Sexual Alchemy from Donald Tyson

You can buy it on Amazon (, but be warned the price can exceed 100$). This book is worth every cent, since it really works. Some of the practical examples are really good and have helped me in the past. The book has a somewhat biased relegious tone to it. However the parts which go against your religon can easily be changed.

A word of warning though. This book is NOT intended for beginners. Some of the rituals in this book are very intense, and if performed haf-assed or with the wrong intend may result in having a pissed off spirit in your life.

Another Book I recommend and should be read from cover to cover is:

The Complete Book of Demonolatry from S. Connolly

This book talks about a lot of topics concerning demons and spirits. Parts that I an recommend (and that I will eloborate in a later post) are the procedures on how to call spirits and demons without forcing your will onto them. The book also covers many aspects of sigils (which I will also get into later). This book will give you a solid REALISTIC foundation and will cleanse you of all the crap that is available currently. Highly recommended. You can also purchase this Book from Amazon.


To Summon, Conjure or to Call a Succubus

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I see so many “spells” on the net saying that you have to draw a circle or bad things will happen to you when working with spirits in general. In the lesser Key of Salamon it is said that if you wish to conjure a demon it is important that you incase its sigil (Seal) in a circle.

Image: Seal of Paimon

Now, while this may seem like a wise thing to do, it is not right. By conjuring a Spirit by encasing its seal / Sigil in a circle you are basically commanding it to appear, making it a slave to your will. While this may work well for a seasoned Conjurer, it is not something I recommend doing when beginning to work with spirits.

A spirit (in our term Succubus) must come freely and be able to leave freely without being forced into any action. In a later post I will outline how you can call a succubus or demon without a protective circle and still be safe.

On purchasing a Succubus spell/item on the Internet

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I find it hilarious whenever I read Ebay listings from sellers offering “Haunted” Succubus Items/Spells. It really shows that their is a whole  legion of idiots out there buying into this crap. I mean come on. Lets have a look at some of these listings

Purchase your love demon for just 19,95$

First and foremost. DO NOT BUY SPELL / RING FROM EBAY!!!!!!!!!

In the past 2 years there was just ONE seller that sold genuine Items. And she is no longer alive, so rest assured that what you see on Ebay is nothing else but a cheap piece of jewelry or a empty promise of a spell. Some of these items might even fetch sums of upto 1000$. But do not be fooled by such a price. A scam is a scam

You just gotta love Item Descriptions like this

Bound very sexily to this vessel

Is this Gorgeous & very sexually insatiable

Sexually Charged succubus from France

Who just has to have sex with you!!

Claim her and her vessel as your own,

And call her to you.

This girl is gorgeous, with her large breasts

And her hot warm thighs that will

Grip your waist tightly.

She  is so sexy that she can even

Make you climax in your sleep!

And when you are awake She will be waiting

For you to call on her!!

I mean come on. If there are people out there gullable for this kind of crap then we are truly living in a dumbed down soceity.

Succubi are REAL, but they cannot be purchased for 39,95$

What this site is about and what its not

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So here I am. I pondered long and hard if I should create this blog and post my thoughts to the world. But after typing some random succbus words into Google I was amazed on how much trash and bullshit is circulating the web these days. And whats even worse is that most people take this information for granted.

So whats this Blog about.

Well, to be honest I cannot say what the ultimate goal is, however I can say is that I will try to give a you as much answers as I can about Succubi.

Instead of compacting all Information into a few page long posts I will try to give each subject a dedicated posts so that navigation with this blog is kept simple.

Who is this Blog for:

– People who want to learn more about Succubi and Spirit Entities in General

– People who wish to establish a bond to an Succubus

– People who are sick and tired of all the bullshit and lies that are being forcefed into your minds

Who is this Blog not for:

– People who just want to have Sex with a spirit

– Religious nutjobs

– People who like to force their opinion unto others

With that being said I welcome all comments and will try to answer as often as I can.