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What is a Succubus

Posted in Lore on February 7, 2012 by ryan2k

Well for starters you can always start with Wikipedia


But beyond that there is jungle of Information available. Depending on your religious views you will get polar opisites in terms of a description. One camp will say that a succubus is a vile and dangerous Demon capable of killing men in their sleep. Another popular view is that they are just lustfull spirits seeking nothing more then to please humans. The offcourse you have variations of both. Simply put……there is no clear and accurate description as to what a succubus is.

So whats the answer?

Simple, its whatever you intend it to be. Succubus are not creatures which are cast into stone, nor does the term good or evil fall into effect when defining its moral nature. It all depends on your intend and purpose.

For 99% of people who wish to “summon” a succubus the nature is always sex. These people seek to have a supernatural sexual partner. A fantasy dream women that furfill all of your sexual desires as much and whenever you want. PLEASE…….

If that is your illusion of a succubus, then its better if you continue watching porn on the net and masturbating to your favourite swimsuit model.

I know this will alienate a majority of the readers, but its very clear to get the facts straight. Succubbus are not sex toys!! If you still insist that you want a spiritual sex toy, then I suggust you search for your succubus on Ebay!