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The Letter method F.A.Q. Updated

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Q: I tried the ritual but did not have any success
A: The ritual does not work for everyone. Summoning a succubus is not just about performing steps mentioned in a blog. Some people just do not have the spark (for lack of a better word). Also its important to remember that only very few people <5% can actually call a succubus without any prior preparation. For the rest its a matter of training. I believe with the right amount of training and intent over 90% can achieve success.

Q: You are a liar and a fake. I do not believe in this crap
A: Thats your opinion and your right to believe so. I will not waste any time on this forum or my blog to convince you otherwise.

Q: I am a (devout | casual | dedicated | … ) Christian. Is it ok to summon a succubus?
A: One thing I learned from Christians is that when it comes to any other supernatural beings except for God and Jesus himself their view is very much black and white. In order to have success with this ritual you will need to let go of many things that where hammered into your religious education. In fact you will have to change your complete outlook if you wish to embrace this experience fully. So in short, yes, you can call a succubus if you are a christian, but there are certain guidelines you must follow.
– Be Respectful to the entity you are calling
– Do not under any circumstances mistake these entities for beings of God (They are not!!!!) Doing so will offend them
– Its best to remove any religious items, such as crosses, statues and other items which might offend them
– Do not mislead the entity or force your ideology on them
– More then anything else….have an open mind to facets outside of our religion

Q: I felt something during the ritual as you described ( Touch, vibration, cold breeze, pressure), was it her?
A: Again the short answer is Yes. However it all depends on how you formulated the ritual and how your intent was focused. There is a small chance that it could be another spirit. When you perform the ritual for the first time under the right circumstances (You are prepared, focused) then usual sensations are as mentioned above. The intensity of these feelings can vary. Usually once you feel something happening to your body your brain kicks in and goes into overdrive. This (90%) is usually the reason the feeling stops almost as quickly as it begins. Its really important to relax, take deep breathes and hold your focus, concentrate on the sensations you are experiencing and give into them without acting on them.

Q: Can you help me with the ritual
A: Please bear in mind that I am not earning any money with this site (nor to I intent to). So I will try to help anyone who is serious enough to follow through. The private forum is here for exactly that, its a place where you can find similar people who have committed themselves to succeed or already have a relationship. Its also a place where I help individuals with the ritual.

Q: How can I strengthen the bond once I had initial contact?
A: This is the number one question I get. People tend to believe that once you succeed with the ritual that you will forever have a succubus. Nothing can be further from the truth. The ritual is just to announce your intent to Lilith and to have a first contact. It in no means entitles you to a lasting relationship with a succubus. The real work begins after the ritual which is a test to your resolve and intent to make it work. You do NOT need to repeat the ritual, once is enough. From here on out its a manner of syncing with your supernatural companion. You cannot initially communicate with a succubus the way you would talk to another human. The first form of communication will be through sensations. It will be very light and grow more stronger the more in-sync your bond becomes. As with real life Girlfriends, if you do not take care of the relationship then they will leave you. What makes things worse is that by not trying to strengthening your bond with the succubus you will also send a signal to Lilith herself. You can never forget that it is her that has granted you one of her daughters. By not trying or ignoring this you might burn away any hope of ever calling another succubus

Q: Can I use | substitute any objects in the ritual (candle, bowel, paper, etc)?
A: Yes you can. The primary ingredient for the ritual is your intent. So you can rearrange the items any way you want.

Q: I am afraid to prick my finger, what can I do?
A: Blood is a part of your essence. The same goes for sperm to (which can also be used). If you afraid of blood or just cannot manage to prick yourself then you may also include some hair (Not as strong but doable)

Q: What is the best way to deepen the connection after the initial ritual
A: Succubi are attracted to Men/Women with a strong desire and intent. Your Intent being absolutely key for a long term relationship. One thing which adds an additional layer on top of Intent is Dominance. And with Dominance I am not talking about BDSM. I am talking about taking control and putting your Will into it.
Once you have successfully completed the ritual and you can feel her you are now in a position to take control of the situation. Be demanding (with respect). If there is something you want her to do tell her, example:
You can feel her soft touch on your skin, so you know she is with you. Tell (not think, actually say it) in a clear voice that you want her to touch your hand now. So it with intent and will. Help her along by actually visualising the act in your mind. Be focused on that wish, and do not sugarcoat the request with “please” or any fancy words. Be direct and commanding on what you want. By doing so, not only do you acknowledge her existence you also set the baseline for the relationship.
Never EVER expect that by completely the ritual you are entitled to have a succubus at your side for as long as you want. You need to want it 24/7 and you need to show it by demanding it directly with your full Will behind it.

Q: Can i summon an Incubus instead?
A: A succubus (or what we refer to as) is not bound by singular gender. It is capable of adapting its body to your desires. In fact only after several months (very rare if earlier) can you expect the succubus to take a permanent form. The more the succubus understands you and gets in sync the more it will mold its features (and parts) to your liking.

More F.A.Qs

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hello everyone,

Over the last year since running this Blog I have received countless E-Mails with questions to my rituals. I have already created a small FAQ, on which I will now expand.

Q: Can I use something else then a candle?

A: The candle acts as both focus and beacon. In addition the flame of the candle can act as a great of initiating communication with your succubus. So yes a candle is required, at least at the beginning. Once you have established a link with your succubus you can use another means of focus.

Q: Is it safe?

A: I have answered this before, but this question always seems to come up. The answer is: “Its as safe as you make it”. If you are careless then it can be dangerous. You should never forget that you are in fact summoning a non-human entity. For this entity the concept of good or bad does not exist in the same way we understand it. Therefore its important for you to understand that the more preparations you make, and the better your pay attention to the details, the higher the chances of getting safe results.

Q: Is it ok to contact you with my personal experiences?

A: Yes, no problem, but please understand that I sometimes do not have enough time to answer each and every question. I believe that most questions in regards to summoning a succubus are already answered in this blog and its comments


The unbelievable BULLSHIT people believe on the Internet

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A few days ago I read on some random blog post about summoning a succubus

“Hey, I am a good looking mid 30’s male. I am very successfull have a beautifull wife and a great sex life, however I cannot stop myself from constantly cheating on her. So I am thinking about getting a succubus, since technically its not cheating right? ”

I do not know if I should laugh or cry when I read this. I mean come on, what do people expect in a succubus.

Again, if you sole desire is to have sex with your dream women, you better start masterbating