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Recommended Reading

Posted in General with tags , , on February 8, 2012 by ryan2k

If you are actually searching for good material on summoning a succubus, you will find that there is virtually nothing available on the open market. You may find links to a PDF book on how to summon a succubus in 7 steps or an amazon E-Book, but trust me, your better off investing your money elsewhere.

When you break it down there are only a handfull of books which deal with the subject matter at hand.

First and foremost a book I can truly recommend is:

Sexual Alchemy from Donald Tyson

You can buy it on Amazon (, but be warned the price can exceed 100$). This book is worth every cent, since it really works. Some of the practical examples are really good and have helped me in the past. The book has a somewhat biased relegious tone to it. However the parts which go against your religon can easily be changed.

A word of warning though. This book is NOT intended for beginners. Some of the rituals in this book are very intense, and if performed haf-assed or with the wrong intend may result in having a pissed off spirit in your life.

Another Book I recommend and should be read from cover to cover is:

The Complete Book of Demonolatry from S. Connolly

This book talks about a lot of topics concerning demons and spirits. Parts that I an recommend (and that I will eloborate in a later post) are the procedures on how to call spirits and demons without forcing your will onto them. The book also covers many aspects of sigils (which I will also get into later). This book will give you a solid REALISTIC foundation and will cleanse you of all the crap that is available currently. Highly recommended. You can also purchase this Book from Amazon.



On purchasing a Succubus spell/item on the Internet

Posted in Fake, General with tags , , on February 7, 2012 by ryan2k

I find it hilarious whenever I read Ebay listings from sellers offering “Haunted” Succubus Items/Spells. It really shows that their is a whole  legion of idiots out there buying into this crap. I mean come on. Lets have a look at some of these listings

Purchase your love demon for just 19,95$

First and foremost. DO NOT BUY SPELL / RING FROM EBAY!!!!!!!!!

In the past 2 years there was just ONE seller that sold genuine Items. And she is no longer alive, so rest assured that what you see on Ebay is nothing else but a cheap piece of jewelry or a empty promise of a spell. Some of these items might even fetch sums of upto 1000$. But do not be fooled by such a price. A scam is a scam

You just gotta love Item Descriptions like this

Bound very sexily to this vessel

Is this Gorgeous & very sexually insatiable

Sexually Charged succubus from France

Who just has to have sex with you!!

Claim her and her vessel as your own,

And call her to you.

This girl is gorgeous, with her large breasts

And her hot warm thighs that will

Grip your waist tightly.

She  is so sexy that she can even

Make you climax in your sleep!

And when you are awake She will be waiting

For you to call on her!!

I mean come on. If there are people out there gullable for this kind of crap then we are truly living in a dumbed down soceity.

Succubi are REAL, but they cannot be purchased for 39,95$